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    Transformer Turns Ratio Tester, 3 Phase

    Transformer turns ratio test kit for sale, transformer turns ratio tester in cheap price, with built-in 3 phase digital power supply, voltage ratio test of transformer range of measurement 0.9~10000, AC 220V, thermal printer output function, fast speed and low noise.
    SKU: ATO-TTR5001
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    Professional three phase transformer turns ratio tester, with big LCD display, working power AC 220V, 110V can be customized. Voltage ratio test of transformer with high and low voltage inverter polarity protection function, short circuit protection.


    Model ATO-TTR5001
    Range of Measurement 0.9~10000
    Resolution Minimum 0.0001
    Accuracy 0.2 Level
    Output Voltage 160 V
    Working Power AC220V±10%
    Supply Frequency 60Hz±1Hz
    Environment Temperature -10℃~50℃
    Environment Humidity ≤85%RH
    Weight 10kg
    Dimension 345*295*175mm

    1. The transformer turns have a wider testing range than the tester, and the highest measurable ratio reaches 10000.
    2. The transformer turns ratio tester has a built-in three-phase digital power supply, which improves the stability of the test.
    3. Small size, light weight, fast test speed, complete test phase in 10 seconds.
    4. Z-shaped transformer test.
    5 Transformer turns ratio tester. It has blind test ratio and group test function.
    6. Clock and date display does not lose power, with data storage function. (You can choose to save data to U disk)
    7. High and low voltage inverter polarity protection function, short circuit protection.
    8. Thermal printer output function, fast speed and low noise.
    9. Full-transmission large-screen LCD, which can be clearly displayed in sunlight.
    Transformer turns ratio tester feature

    Packing List of Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

    Number Name Quantity
    1 Variable Ratio Tester 1
    2 Power Cord 1
    3 Test Line 1
    4 Instructions 1
    5 Inspection Report 1
    6 Back-up Insurance Control 1

    Tips: Precautions
    1. During the measurement, do not touch the test object.
    2. Wiring should be protected from contact. The transformer turns ratio test should be well grounded.
    3. The working place of the voltage ratio test of transformer should be far away from strong electric field, strong magnetic field and high-frequency equipment. The smaller the interference from the power supply, the better. The lighting cable should be used. If the power supply interference is still large, it can be charged by the AC purification power line instrument. The capacity of the AC purification power supply can be greater than 200VA.
    4. When the tester is working, if the liquid crystal display is disordered, no response to pressing all the keys, or the measured value is far from the actual value, please press the reset key, or turn off the power, and then restart the operation.
    5. If there are no characters on the display, or the color is faint, please adjust the brightness potentiometer to the proper position.
    6. When working in a dark place, the backlight can be turned on. To reduce the power consumption of the display, the backlight is not very bright.
    7. The transformer turns ratio tester should be stored in a dry and ventilated place.

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