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    U Shaped Photoelectric Sensor, NPN Output

    Low price U-shaped photoelectric sensor for sale online. Reliable slot-type photoelectric sensor with NPN NO or NPN NC output, 12-24V DC power supply, measuring distance up to 500mm, which can detect 1.2x2.0mm opaque objects.
    SKU: ATO-PS-A670N
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    Good price U-shaped photoelectric sensor with strong anti-interference ability can detect 1.2x2.0mm opaque objects. Slot type photoelectric sensor, NPN NO or NPN NC output, 12-24V DC power supply, measuring distance up to 500mm, low price, fast response, easy to install and use.


    Model ATO-A670N ATO-A671N ATO-A672N ATO-A674N ATO-A676N ATO-A677N
    Detection Range 100-300mm 12-24mm 0-5mm 70-500mm 0-100mm 0-20mm
    Type Outline Type
    Output Type NPN NO/NPN NC
    Detection Distance 5mm Groove Width
    Detect Objects 1.2x2.0mm Opaque Object
    Should Be Different Distance 0.05mm or Less
    Light Source GaAs Infrared Light-emitting Diode (940mm)
    Response Frequency 2kHz
    Voltage DC 12-24V
    Repeat Accuracy 0.03mm or Less
    Control Output Switching Capacity: 3-100mA, Residual Voltage: Below 3V (Load Current 100mA, Wire Length 2m)
    Indicator Action Indicator Light (Red)
    Action Form Equipped with 2 independent outputs at the same time (ON when light is blocked, ON when light enters.)
    Protection Circuit Surge Protection Circuit, Reverse Polarity Protection, Short Circuit Protection
    Ambient Temperature During Operation: -25℃-70℃, During Storage: -40℃-85℃ (No Freezing, No Condensation)
    Environment Humidity During Operation and Storage: 35-95%Rh Each (No Condensation)
    Effects of Ambient Lighting The light receiving surface illumination is less than 1000Lx.
    Effect of Temperature Temperature range -25℃-70℃, the detection distance does not change within 10% for every 20℃ change.
    Effect of Voltage When the rated power supply voltage fluctuates within±15%, the detection distance changes within ±1%.
    Insulation Resistance 50MΩ or Above (DC 500 Megohmmeter) Between Charging Part and Casing
    Withstand Voltage AC 1000V 50/60Hz 1min Between Charging Part and Case
    Vibration (Durability) 10-55Hz Up and Down Amplitude 1.5mm in Each Direction of X, Y, Z for 2h
    Impact (Durability) 500m/s2X, Y, Z Directions 10 times
    Link Method Wire Lead Type (Standard Wire Length 2m)
    Shell Material PC

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    U shaped photoelectric sensor dimensions

    Wiring Diagram

    U shaped photoelectric sensor wiring

    Tips: What is U shaped photoelectric sensor?

    A U-shaped photoelectric sensor, also known as a U-shaped photoelectric switch or U-beam sensor is a type of optical sensor widely used in automation and industrial applications. The sensor consists of two main components: a transmitter and a receiver. These components are arranged in a U-shaped configuration, with the transmitter emitting a beam of light towards the receiver.

    The working principle involves the interruption of the light beam by an object passing through the U-shaped gap. When the beam is obstructed, the sensor detects the change in light intensity, signaling the presence of the object. U-shaped photoelectric sensors are employed in various applications, such as detecting the presence or absence of objects on conveyor belts, counting items in production lines, and monitoring the position of objects.

    One key advantage of U-shaped photoelectric sensors is their non-contact nature, allowing for reliable and rapid detection without physical contact with the objects being monitored. This makes them suitable for applications where precise and quick object detection is essential, contributing to improved efficiency and automation in industrial processes.

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