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    Universal Joint Coupling, 285mm

    High-efficiency universal joint shaft coupling with a bore of 285mm, and flexibility of 140mm, axis chamfer from 0-25°. The structure of the universal coupling is reasonable, the transmission is stable and the noise is low.
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    Buy a 285mm universal joint coupling online. The high-quality universal joint shaft coupling comes with a flexibility of 140mm, and a nominal torque 90Nm. The universal coupling is used to connect the two shafts together, and the two shafts cannot be separated when the machine is running.


    • The structure is reasonable, the use is safe and reliable, and the integral fork head is adopted, which eliminates the weak link of the bolt pressing the bearing seat (cover), and completely avoids the common vicious damage caused by the loosening or breaking of the bolts.
    • The service life is 30%-50% higher than other types of couplings.
    • High carrying capacity.
    • The transmission efficiency is high, the transmission efficiency is as high as 98.7%-99.9%, and the energy saving is remarkable when used in high-power transmission, which can reduce power consumption by 5%-15%.
    • The transmission is stable and the noise is low, the general noise is 30-40dB(A).


    • Model: ATO-SWC-285BH
    • Nominal torque: 90 KNm
    • Bore: 285mm
    • Shaft hole diameter D1: 285 mm
    • Shaft bore D2: 285 mm
    • Outer diameter: 194 mm
    • Overall length: 1190 mm
    • Fatigue torque: 45 KNm
    • Maximum axis knuckle: ≤15°
    • Flexibility: 140 mm


    Universal joint coupling dimension

    Lmin D1 D2 D3 Lm n-d K t b g
    1190mm 245mm 170mm 194mm 160mm 8-φ21 27mm 7mm 40mm 15mm


    Universal joint coupling application

    Tips: How to choose the universal coupling?

    1. Whether there is a transmission device between the prime mover and the universal coupling. If there is a transmission ratio, how many shafts are output after passing through the intermediate transmission device, that is, whether there is power split. Consider the type of prime mover, its power and its rotational speed, etc.
    2. It is necessary to consider the type of prime mover and the load category of the optional cross-shaft universal coupling to transfer the load: one-way constant load, pulsating load or two-way alternating load. What is the installation status of the universal joint coupling? Horizontal, vertical or inclined installation. Try to make the axis knuckle less than 3 degrees. If you have to install it obliquely, you need to determine the horizontal and vertical angles.
    3. Considering the working environment of the prime mover, whether there is the influence of harsh environmental conditions such as high temperature, dust, water shower, chemical corrosion, etc., select the corresponding type of universal coupling according to the different operating environments.
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