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    Wall Stud Finder for Wood/Metal

    Get a good wall stud finder (stud locator) for metal, wood and electrical wiring. It can detect wood measurement range ≤38mm, AC wire ≤40mm, metal pipe ≤100mm, steel bar ≤120mm, widely used in interior decoration, home installations and other industries.
    SKU: ATO-SF-02
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    Highest-rated wall stud finder for sale online. It helps you quickly locate metal, studs, joists, pipes and live AC wires behind walls, floors and ceilings, with measurement ranges ≤38mm for wood, ≤40mm for AC wires, ≤100mm for metal pipes, and ≤120mm for steel bars.


    Model ATO-WD-02
    Max Detection Depth Metals 120mm
    Non-Ferrous Metals (Copper) 100mm
    AC Wire 50mm
    Single-Strand Copper Wire 40mm
    Wooden Precision Mode: 20mm; Depth Mode: 38mm
    Automatic Shut-down After 5 minutes of Inactivity
    Ring Down 300mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery
    Power Supply Type-C Charging
    Product Size 138x68x22mm
    Product Weight 122g 
    Package Size 203x98x45.5mm 


    • The small size of this wall stud finder is very convenient for everyday use, you can also easily hold it while using it.
    • Good wall detector can help you quickly locate edges and center metal, studs, joists, pipes, and live AC wire behind walls, floors, and ceilings. The measuring ranges of wood are ≤38mm, AC wires ≤40mm, metal pipes ≤100mm, and rebars ≤120mm.
    • The HPC detection module can make this stud finder wall scanner with better anti-interference capacity and faster-calculating speed.
    • The screen will display the target depth, arrive at the detection center and the material, the indicator light will light up yellow or red depending on the target distance, and the green light means No target. It will also beep when a target is detected, and will continuously alert when reaching the center.
    • Digital stud finder adopts a center positioning hole design, you can directly mark the drilling position after detection and achieve precision drilling.


    Stud finder details


    Recommended stud finder wall scanner helps identify the presence and position of studs, which are vertical wooden or metal supports within the wall. By detecting changes in density, a wall detector assists in finding suitable locations for securely hanging objects or drilling without damaging internal structures. This good wall detector is commonly employed by builders, carpenters, and homeowners during construction or home improvement projects to ensure safe and effective wall modifications.

    Stud finder applications

    Tips: Is the wall stud finder a metal detector?

    No, a wall stud finder is not a metal detector in the traditional sense. While both devices are used to identify objects behind surfaces, they operate on different principles. A wall stud finder is designed specifically to locate the vertical wooden or metal studs within a wall, which are part of the wall's structural framework.

    Stud finders typically use sensors to detect changes in wall density caused by the presence of a stud. On the other hand, a metal detector is a broader term for devices designed to detect the presence of metal objects. Metal detectors are commonly used for finding metallic items in various environments, such as buried treasure, archaeological sites, or security screenings.

    In summary, while a wall stud finder can detect metal studs, it is not a general-purpose metal detector and is primarily focused on locating the wooden or metal studs within a wall.

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