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    Double Acting Welded Hydraulic Cylinder, 16 inch (400mm) Stroke

    ATO welded hydraulic cylinder operates in both directions, providing precise control over the extension and retraction of a piston rod. This double acting welded clevis hydraulic cylinder comes with 16 inch (400mm) stroke, avaliable in bore diameters of 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 80mm and 100mm, load capacity 2/ 3/ 5/ 8/ 12 ton, which is used in log splitters, dump trucks, small robots, press machines, and heavy duty industrial equipment.
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    The price of the double acting welded hydraulic cylinders depend on bore diameters and stokes, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether it's lifting heavy loads in a car repair shop or powering the hydraulic system of a dump truck, these welded clevis hydraulic cylinders are essential components for efficient and reliable mechanical operations.


    Model ATO-HSG40400 ATO-HSG50400 ATO-HSG80400 ATO-HSG100400
    Acting Type Double Acting
    Stroke 16 inch (400mm)
    Rated Pressure 16Mpa
    Installation Double Ear Welding Type
    Speed Ratio 1:3
    Bore Diameter φ40mm φ50mm φ80mm φ100mm
    Load Capacity 2 Ton 3 Ton 8 Ton 12 Ton
    Rated Push Force 30772N (3 Ton) 30772N (3 Ton) 80384N (8 Ton) 80384N (8 Ton)
    Rated Pull Force 21121N (2 Ton) 21121N (2 Ton) 48984N (5 Ton) 49014N (5 Ton)
    Oil Port 18*1.5 18*1.5 18*1.5 22*1.5

    Note: If you need to customize welded hydraulic cylinders of other sizes, including bore diameter, stroke, etc., please feel free to contact us.

    Dimension (Unit: mm)


    40mm bore welded hydraulic cylinder dimension


    50mm bore welded hydraulic cylinder dimension


    80mm bore welded hydraulic cylinder dimension


    100mm bore welded hydraulic cylinder dimension

    Model Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Rod Diameter Stroke Oil Port Pin Hole Installation Distance Total Length
    ATO-HSG40400 40 50 25 400 18*1.5 20 630 680
    ATO-HSG50400 50 60 28 400 18*1.5 20 640 690
    ATO-HSG80400 80 90 50 400 18*1.5 40 700 780
    ATO-HSG100400 100 112 63 400 22*1.5 50 770 860

    Tips: Welded hydraulic cylinder for log splitter

    A welded hydraulic cylinder is a critical component in a log splitter, designed for splitting logs into smaller pieces efficiently. This cylinder consists of a sturdy steel tube with welded end caps, housing a piston connected to a rod. When hydraulic pressure is applied, the piston extends or retracts, generating the force required to push a log against a splitting wedge. The robust welding ensures a leak-free seal, maintaining hydraulic pressure and preventing oil from escaping. These cylinders are available in various sizes and pressure ratings to accommodate different log splitter models and log sizes. Their durable construction and reliable performance make them a fundamental component of log splitters, enabling users to streamline wood processing tasks with ease and efficiency.

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