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    1/2" Inverted Bucket Steam Trap

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    1/2" inch (DN15) flanged inverted bucket steam traps operate on a simple yet highly effective principle. Their unique inverted bucket design relies on the inherent difference in density between steam and condensate. When condensate accumulates within the trap, the inverted bucket sinks, causing the valve to open. This allows the condensate to be efficiently discharged, preventing it from mixing with valuable steam. Conversely, when steam enters the trap, the inverted bucket rises, closing the valve and preventing the loss of steam.
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    1/2" inch (DN15) flanged inverted bucket steam traps, leveraging their ingenious buoyancy-driven operation, play a pivotal role in a variety of industrial settings. Their principle of rising to seal off when condensate is present and descending to allow steam passage ensures optimal steam quality, energy conservation, and condensate removal. These steam traps find their application in diverse scenarios, from powering turbines in power generation plants to maintaining precise temperatures in chemical reactions and guaranteeing sterile conditions in healthcare facilities.


    Model ATO-881F-DN15
    Nominal Diameter DN15 (1/2 inch)
    Connection Method Flange
    Max Work Temperature 300℃
    Weight 3.9 kg
    Mounting Positions Horizontal connection from right to left


    • Durable Construction: Inverted Bucket Steam Traps are built to withstand harsh industrial environments. They are typically made from robust materials such as cast iron or stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting performance even in high-pressure and high-temperature applications.
    • Inverted Bucket Design: The standout feature of this steam trap is its innovative inverted bucket mechanism, which enables precise and efficient condensate removal.
    • Versatile Applications: Inverted Bucket Steam Traps (DN15) find applications across various industries, including manufacturing, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and HVAC systems. They are suitable for both low-pressure and high-pressure steam systems.
    • Excellent Temperature Control: These traps provide precise temperature control by efficiently removing condensate as soon as it forms. This prevents temperature fluctuations within the system, ensuring a consistent and reliable heat transfer process.

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Flanged inverted bucket steam traps

    ND A B C D
    15 170 103 180 102


    Drainage Capacity

    Inverted bucket-steam trap drainage capacity


    Flanged Inverted Bucket Steam Traps are widely employed across industries, from power generation and manufacturing to healthcare and HVAC systems, to optimize steam quality, conserve energy, and ensure efficient condensate removal. Their versatile applications enhance operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness in diverse settings.

     Inverted bucket steam trap applications

    Tips: Flanged Inverted Bucket Steam Traps Advantages

    • Efficiency: These traps are highly efficient in removing condensate from steam systems. They ensure that condensate is promptly and precisely discharged, allowing for optimal steam utilization and heat transfer efficiency. This efficiency leads to energy savings and reduced operational costs.
    • Steam Conservation: Flanged Inverted Bucket Steam Traps excel at preventing steam loss. Their inverted bucket design seals the trap's orifice when condensate is present, ensuring that valuable steam is not wasted, contributing to improved energy efficiency.
    • Reduced Water Hammer: Water hammer, caused by the sudden release of condensate, can damage pipes and equipment. These traps mitigate water hammer by controlling the discharge of condensate, enhancing system safety and equipment longevity.
    • Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials, these steam traps are known for their durability and long service life. Their robust design can withstand harsh industrial conditions, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
    • Versatility: Flanged Inverted Bucket Steam Traps are versatile and suitable for a wide range of steam system applications, from main steam lines to process equipment and heat exchangers. Their adaptability makes them a valuable asset in various industries.
    • Energy Savings: By maintaining proper steam quality and preventing steam loss, these traps contribute to significant energy savings. Reduced fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions are positive outcomes of their efficient operation.
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    Energy efficient and cost effective
    With the 1/2" inverted bucket steam trap, we have noticeably felt a reduction in our energy costs. Its efficient steam venting design allows the system to run more energy efficiently, saving our business a lot of money. The price/performance ratio is excellent, making it a wise investment choice.
    From: Obsideus | Date: 24/11/2023
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