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    1/2 Ton Manual Chain Hoist

    Manual chain hoist is a versatile and portable lifting device designed for heavy-duty applications, 1/2 tonne load capacity, 3m or 6m lifting height. The chain block is operated by pulling the hand chain, which moves the load chain through the pulley, enabling the lifting or lowering of objects. Manual chain hoists are compact and durable, making them a cost-effective solution for manual lifting tasks in various industries.
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    A manual chain hoist is a versatile lifting device used in various industries. It consists of a durable steel chain, a load hook, and a hand-operated chain wheel. The hand chain block is designed to lift, lower, or position heavy loads by pulling the hand chain which are commonly used in construction, manufacturing, warehouses, and maintenance applications.


    Model ATO-VT-05T
    Capacity 1/2 Ton (1000 lbs)
    Lifting Height (Optional) 3m/ 6m
    Experimental Load 0.75KN
    Maximum Hand Pulling Force 240N
    Lifting Chain 1
    Lifting Chain Diameter 5mm
    Net Weight 9kg

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    0.5 ton manual chain hoist dimensions

    A B C H
    132 148 28 345


    1/2 Ton manual chain hoist details

    Tips: What is the difference between manual and electric chain hoist?

    A manual chain hoist and an electric chain hoist are both lifting devices used to raise and lower heavy loads. However, they differ in their method of operation and the power source they utilize.

    A manual chain hoist, also known as a hand chain hoist, relies on human power to operate. It consists of a chain pulley system with a handle that needs to be manually pulled to lift the load. The lifting mechanism involves a ratchet and pawl system, allowing the operator to control the upward and downward movement. Manual chain hoists are typically compact, portable, and suitable for lighter loads. They are commonly used in small-scale applications or situations where electrical power is unavailable.

    On the other hand, an electric chain hoist is powered by electricity. It incorporates an electric motor to drive the lifting mechanism, eliminating the need for manual effort. Electric chain hoists are designed for heavier loads and provide a more efficient and convenient lifting solution. They offer variable lifting speeds and can be operated using push-button controls, remote controls, or even integrated into automated systems. Electric chain hoists are commonly used in industrial settings, construction sites, and warehouses where frequent lifting of heavy loads is required.

    While manual chain hoists require manual effort and are suitable for lighter loads and occasional use, electric chain hoists offer powered lifting capabilities, increased lifting capacities, and greater convenience for regular or heavy-duty lifting operations.

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