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    1 Ton Manual Chain Hoist

    1 ton manual chain hoist is a versatile and portable lifting device designed for heavy-duty applications, 3m or 6m lifting height. The chain block is operated by pulling the hand chain, which moves the load chain through the pulley, enabling the lifting or lowering of objects. Manual chain hoists are compact and durable, making them a cost-effective solution for manual lifting tasks in various industries.
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    ATO manual chain hoist is a simple yet effective lifting device used in in construction sites, workshops, warehouses, and other settings where heavy lifting is required. This hand chain block consists of a sturdy steel housing containing a chain wheel and a load chain. The load chain is equipped with a lifting hook at one end and is manually operated by pulling on the hand chain.


    Model ATO-VT-1T
    Capacity 1 Ton (2000 lbs)
    Lifting Height (Optional) 3m/ 6m
    Experimental Load 1.5KN
    Maximum Hand Pulling Force 250N
    Lifting Chain 1
    Lifting Chain Diameter 6mm
    Net Weight 12kg

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    1 ton manual chain hoist dimensions

    A B C H
    151 172 32 376


    1 Ton manual chain hoist details

    Tips: What is a manual chain hoist?

    A manual chain hoist, also known as a manual chain block or a manual chain fall, is a mechanical device used for lifting and lowering heavy loads. It is a type of hoisting equipment that relies on a chain and pulley system to provide the lifting force.

    The manual chain hoist consists of several key components. The main part is a hand-operated chain wheel, which is typically attached to a long chain made up of interconnected links. The load is attached to a hook or a sling that hangs from the bottom end of the chain. The chain passes through a set of gears and pulleys housed within a sturdy casing.

    To operate a manual chain hoist, an operator pulls the hand chain, which causes the chain wheel to rotate. As the chain wheel turns, it moves the load-bearing chain, thereby lifting the load. The gear and pulley system within the hoist helps to multiply the pulling force applied by the operator, enabling them to lift heavy objects with relatively less effort.

    The manual chain hoist is designed to provide a mechanical advantage, allowing users to lift loads that would be otherwise too heavy to lift by hand alone. It is commonly used in various industries, including construction, manufacturing, warehouses, and workshops. It offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for lifting and positioning heavy objects in a controlled manner.

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