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    2 Ton Manual Chain Hoist

    Manual chain hoist is designed for reliable and precise lifting, offering a safe and efficient solution for tasks that require controlled lifting and positioning. ATO 2 ton (4000 lbs) hand chain block comes with 1*φ8mm or 2*φ8mm lifting chain, widely used in construction sites, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and maintenance operations.
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    Manual chain hoist consists of a sturdy steel frame housing a chain mechanism and a lifting hook which is a powerful mechanical device used for lifting and lowering heavy loads in various industries. This hand chain block provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for lifting tasks where power supplies may not be available or feasible.


    Model ATO-VT-2T
    Capacity 2 Ton (4000 lbs)
    Lifting Height (Optional) 3m/ 6m
    Experimental Load 3KN
    Maximum Hand Pulling Force 335N 330N
    Lifting Chain 1 2
    Lifting Chain Diameter 8mm 6mm
    Net Weight 19kg 16kg

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    2 ton manual chain hoist dimensions

    Lifting Chain A B C H
    1 175 210 36 470
    2 151 159 32 315


    2 Ton manual chain hoist details

    Tips: What are the different types of manual hoists?

    Manual hoists are mechanical devices used to lift and lower heavy loads. They are operated by human power and offer a versatile and portable solution for various lifting applications.

    • Chain Hoists: Also known as chain blocks, these hoists consist of a chain looped around a pulley system. They use a hand-operated chain to lift and lower the load. Chain hoists are robust, durable, and suitable for heavy-duty lifting tasks.
    • Lever Hoists: Lever hoists, or ratchet hoists, use a lever and ratchet mechanism to lift loads. They feature a chain or wire rope that is pulled through the hoist by operating the lever. Lever hoists are compact, easy to use, and ideal for both vertical and horizontal lifting.
    • Wire Rope Hoists: These hoists utilize a spooling system with a wire rope to lift loads. Wire rope hoists have a hand-operated crank or a pulley system to raise and lower the load. They are commonly used in construction, mining, and industrial settings.
    • Manual Trolley Hoists: These hoists are equipped with a trolley that allows movement along a beam or track. Manual trolley hoists provide horizontal mobility, making them suitable for applications where loads need to be moved across a workspace.
    • Manual Drum Hoists: Drum hoists consist of a cylindrical drum around which a rope or cable is wound. They are commonly used in applications where lifting and pulling loads are required, such as in small-scale construction or in boat lifting.
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