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    5 Ton Manual Chain Hoist

    Factory price 5 ton (10000 lbs) manual chain hoist with 2*φ10mm lifting chain, optional 3m and 6m lifting height, max. hand pulling force 360N. This heavy duty hand chain block is widely used for lifting and lowering heavy loads and objects in construction sites, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and maintenance operations.
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    Heavy duty manual chain hoist consists of a sturdy steel frame housing a chain mechanism and a lifting hook which is a powerful mechanical device used for lifting and lowering heavy loads in various industries. This hand chain block provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for lifting tasks where power supplies may not be available or feasible.


    Model ATO-VT-5T
    Capacity 5 Ton (10000 lbs)
    Lifting Height (Optional) 3m/ 6m
    Experimental Load 7.5KN
    Maximum Hand Pulling Force 360N
    Lifting Chain 2
    Lifting Chain Diameter 10mm
    Net Weight 42kg

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    5 ton manual chain hoist dimensions

    A B C H
    189 280 46 688


    5 Ton manual chain hoist details

    Tips: What is the difference between a crane and a hoist?

    A crane and a hoist are both used for lifting and moving heavy objects, but they differ in their design and functionality.

    A crane is a large, complex machine that consists of a rotating arm or boom mounted on a mobile or fixed base. Cranes are typically used in construction sites and industrial settings. They are capable of lifting heavy loads vertically and horizontally using ropes, cables, or chains. Cranes provide versatility and can perform various tasks such as lifting, lowering, and swinging loads over a wide area.

    On the other hand, a hoist is a simpler device primarily designed for vertical lifting. It typically consists of a drum or a chain wrapped around a motorized pulley system. Hoists are commonly used in warehouses, factories, and smaller-scale applications. They are compact, portable, and offer precise control over lifting and lowering operations. Hoists are often mounted on a beam or trolley, allowing them to move along a fixed path.

    While both cranes and hoists are used for lifting heavy objects, cranes are larger, more complex machines with greater flexibility in movement, whereas hoists are simpler devices designed for vertical lifting in a more limited range.

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