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    3 Ton Manual Chain Hoist

    Favorable price 3 tonne (6000 lbs) manual chain hoist with 1*φ10mm or 2*φ10mm lifting chain, lifting height 3m or 6m available. This hand chain block system allows for precise control and gradual lifting or lowering of objects, suitable for delicate or heavy duty applications.
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    Manual chain hoist consists of a sturdy steel frame housing a chain mechanism and a lifting hook which is a powerful mechanical device used for lifting and lowering heavy loads in various industries. This hand chain block provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for lifting tasks where power supplies may not be available or feasible.


    Model ATO-VT-3T
    Capacity 3 Ton (6000 lbs)
    Lifting Height (Optional) 3m/ 6m
    Experimental Load 4.5KN
    Maximum Hand Pulling Force 363N 370N
    Lifting Chain 1 2
    Lifting Chain Diameter 10mm 8mm
    Net Weight 26kg 23kg

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    3 ton manual chain hoist dimensions

    Lifting Chain A B C H
    1 176 230 46 565
    2 151 208 46 475


    3 Ton manual chain hoist details

    Tips: Manual chain hoist applications

    Manual chain hoists are versatile tools widely used in various applications across industries. Their robust construction and simplicity make them suitable for both light-duty and heavy-duty lifting tasks. These hoists consist of a chain, a hand-operated mechanism, and a hook or lifting attachment.

    In construction, manual chain hoists are commonly used for lifting and positioning heavy materials such as steel beams, concrete blocks, and machinery components. They provide precise control and can be operated in tight spaces, making them ideal for rigging and installation tasks.

    In warehouses and manufacturing facilities, manual chain hoists are employed for lifting and moving heavy equipment, loading and unloading cargo, and assembling products. They are invaluable in situations where electric power is unavailable or impractical.

    In automotive repair shops, manual chain hoists are utilized for lifting engines, transmissions, and other heavy vehicle components during repairs and maintenance. They offer the necessary strength and control required for these tasks.

    Manual chain hoists are also used in entertainment venues for rigging lighting and sound equipment, suspending stage props, and facilitating set changes.

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