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    1" FRL Filter Regulator Lubricator

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    Factory price filter regulator lubricator combo is FRL combination unit used for delivering compressed air in pneumatic system, equipped with reflux valve and moisture trap. Metal bowl, 1 inch port size, selectable PT, G, NPT thread type.
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    Filter regulator lubricator consists of pneumatic FRL unit for air compressors. It is used to purify and filter the air source into the pneumatic device and reduce the pressure to the rated air source pressure supplied by the instrument, which is equivalent to the function of the power transformer in the circuit.


    • Quick and reliable mounting clamps makes it convenient to install and use.
    • The performance of pressure adjustment is reliable with high precision.
    • The efficiency of eliminating moisture and solid grain is high.


    Model ATO-GAFC600-25
    Fluid Air
    Pressure Type (Optional) Standard (0.9 MPa)
    Drain Type (Optional) Semi-auto Drain, Manual Drain, Automatic Drain
    Port Size 1"
    Thread Type (Optional) PT Thread (Scale: MPa, PSI)
    G Thread (Scale: MPa, Bar)
    NPT Thread (Scale: PSI, Bar)
    Filtering grade (Optional) 40μm or 5μm
    Bowl Material Metal
    Pressure range 0.15-0.9 MPa (20-130 PSI)
    Max.pressure 1.0 MPa (145 PSI)
    Proof pressure 1.5 MPa (215 PSI)
    Temperature range -5~70 ℃ (Unfreeze)
    Capacity of drain bowl 205 CC
    Capacity of oil bowl 410 CC
    Recommended lubricant ISO VG 32 or equivalent
    Weight 3.4 kg


    Details of 1 inch FRL Filter Regulator Lubricator

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of Stainless Steel Air Compressor Filter Regulator Lubricator

    Model A B BA BB C K KA KB P PA Q
    ATO-GAFC600-25 206 128 70 117 336.5 11 100 16 1" 205 G1/4

    Pressure and Flow Diagram

    Pressure and Flow Diagram of 1 inch Air Compressor Filter Regulator Lubricator

    Tips for installing FRL unit - filter regulator lubricator

    1. Please pay attention to cleaning the connecting pipes and joints during installation to prevent dirt from being brought into the air circuit.
    2. Please pay attention to whether the gas flow direction is consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow on the body, and pay attention to whether the connection and joint teeth are correct.
    3. Fix the filter and the regulator valve to the oil feeder, match the convex groove of the fixed bracket with the concave groove on the body, and then use the fixing piece and screw to lock it.
    4. Fix when using regulator and filter alone, rotate the fixing ring to lock the attached special fixing piece.
    Existing reviews of 1" FRL Filter Regulator Lubricator
    Superior quality!
    I’ve had this FRL unit for 3 months and have had no problems at all. It continues to lubricate my tools and filter the condensate in the pipes. Regulator works perfectly to extend the time between cycles. I will recommend this unit to my neighbors.
    From: Jawdat | Date: 26/05/2022
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    Value for money
    As soon as I received this 1‘’FRL filter regulator lubricator, I tried it. It can purify and filter perfectly. After a long time, it still works as good as new. I already like it now.
    From: Louis | Date: 22/11/2021
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