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    10~18 Amp Thermal Overload Relay, 220V, 3-Phase

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    Cheap thermal overload relay for sale. 4 ranges of current setting for selection, 10~18 Amp, current rating 25A, working voltage 3-phase 220V~690V, insulation voltage 690V, phase failure protection function, suits 9A contactor and 4~20A gG fuse breaker.
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    3-phase thermal overload relay for overcurrent and phase-failure protection. It is used to provide overload protection open-phase protection and protection against unbalanced current for motors and it can also avoid heating in electrical equipment. Current setting range 10~18 Amps, rated working current 25A, voltage 220V~690V. Low price thermal relay is matched with 9A contactor, 4~20A gG fuse breaker.


    Model ATO-JR28-25
    Current Setting Range (A) 5.5-8 7-10 9-13 12-18
    Matching Fuse Breaker (A) gG 20 20 25 35
    aM 12 12 16 20
    Trip Class 9A
    Frame Current (A) 25A
    Rated Working Voltage (V) 3-phase 220V~690V
    Rated Insulation Voltage (V) 690V
    Number of Contacts 1NO + 1NC
    Phase Failure Protection Function yes
    Automatic & Manual Reset yes
    Temperature Compensation yes
    Tripping Indicator yes
    Test Pushbutton yes
    Mounting Mode Plug-in, independent
    AC-15 220V Current Rating (A) 2.73
    AC-15 220V Current Rating (A) 1.58
    DC-13 220V Current Rating (A) 0.2


    10-18 Amp Thermal Overload Relay Details

    Thermal Overload Relay Applications

    • Thermal overload relays are often used in circuit protection, overload, phase failure, overtime start and locked-rotor for AC motors.
    • Thermal overload relay has functions of phase failure protection, temperature compensation, adjustable setting current, automatic or manual reset, operation indicator, NP and NO auxiliary contacts separate insulation.
    • The thermal overload relay has small installation area and various mounting methods. It has test button and stop button, which is convenient for checking the flexibility of operation.
    • The protective cover of thermal overload relay can protect fingers from electric shock. The locking device can prevent misoperation.
    • Thermal overload relay comes with remote operation, complete functions and excellent quality.

    10~18 AmpĀ Thermal Overload Relay Dimension Diagram (Unit: mm)

    Dimension diagram of 10~18 Amp Thermal Overload Relay, 220V, 3-Phase

    Cross Section Area of Conductor

    Main Circuit Single core or standard wire 1~4 mm2
    Wiring screw M4
    Auxiliary CircuitĀ  Single core or standard wire 0.5~2.5 mm2
    Wiring screw M3.5

    Tips: 10A thermal overload relay working principle and functions.

    Thermal element of the 10A thermal overload relay is connected to the AC motor circuit directly or through a current transformer. When AC motor is overloaded, the main bimetal is heated to the operating temperature, then relay is activated, and the power circuit of motor is disconnected to prevent the AC motor from being damaged by overload.

    The action time of 10A thermal overload relay and the magnitude of overload current change according to the inverse time limit. Therefore, its thermal characteristics are easily matched with the thermal characteristics of AC motors. In addition, 10A thermal overload relay has the features of compact structure, low price, stable action performance, and convenient use. Therefore, since the 1990s, most squirrel-cage rotor motors and some wound-rotor motors still use 3-phase thermal overload relays as protections for overload, phase failure, and current unbalanced operation. 10A thermal overload relay can also be used as a control appliance for the heating state of other electrical equipment.

    Existing reviews of 10~18 Amp Thermal Overload Relay, 220V, 3-Phase
    Good Current Range and Voltage Compatibility:
    It covers a decent range of current, which worked well for my 3-phase setup. The 220V support fits my requirements and many standard power systems. These are very good
    From: Vesper | Date: 24/10/2023
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