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    60/70/80 Amp Thermal Overload Relay, 220V, 3-Phase

    Good price 3-phase thermal overload relay for sale, features overcurrent and phase failure protection functions. Current setting range 55-70 Amp/ 60-80 Amp for selection, current rating 93A, working voltage 220V~690V, insulation voltage 690V, matched with 40A contactor and 100/125A gG fuse breaker.
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    3-phase thermal overload relay for AC motors, overcurrent and phase failure protection functions. It is used to provide overload protection open-phase protection and protection against unbalanced current for motors and it can also avoid heating in electrical equipment. Optional current setting range 55-70 Amp or 60-80 Amp, rated current 93A, working voltage rating 220V~690V, matched with 40A contactor, 100/125A gG or 63/80A aM fuse breaker.


    Model ATO-JR28-93
    Current Setting Range (A) 48-65 55-70 60-80
    Matching Fuse Breaker (A) 100 gG 125 gG 125 gG
    63 aM 80 aM 80 aM
    Trip Class 40A
    Frame Current (A) 93A
    Rated Working Voltage (V) 3-phase 220V~690V
    Rated Insulation Voltage (V) 690V
    Number of Contacts 1NO + 1NC
    Phase Failure Protection Function yes
    Automatic & Manual Reset yes
    Temperature Compensation yes
    Tripping Indicator yes
    Test Pushbutton yes
    Mounting Mode Plug-in, independent
    AC-15 220V Current Rating (A) 2.73
    AC-15 220V Current Rating (A) 1.58
    DC-13 220V Current Rating (A) 0.2
    Cross Section Area of Conductor (mm2) Main Circuit Single core or standard wire 4~35
    Wiring screw M4
    Auxiliary Circuit Single core or standard wire 0.5~2.5
    Wiring screw M3.5


    60/70/80 Amp Thermal Overload Relay Details

    Thermal Overload Relay Applications

    • Thermal overload relays are often used in circuit protection, overload, phase failure, overtime start and locked-rotor for AC motors.
    • Thermal overload relay has functions of phase failure protection, temperature compensation, adjustable setting current, automatic or manual reset, operation indicator, NP and NO auxiliary contacts separate insulation.
    • The thermal overload relay has small installation area and various mounting methods. It has test button and stop button, which is convenient for checking the flexibility of operation.
    • The protective cover of thermal overload relay can protect fingers from electric shock. The locking device can prevent misoperation.
    • Thermal overload relay comes with remote operation, complete functions and excellent quality.

    60/70/80 Amp Thermal Overload Relay Dimension Diagram (Unit: mm)

    Dimension diagram of 60/70/80 Amp Thermal Overload Relay, 220V, 3-Phase

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