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    10 amp Fuse & Fuse Holder, 1000V/1500V DC

    Low price 10 amp fuse with a DIN rail mount fuse holder, can provide overheat, overvoltage and overcurrent protection. 1000V/1500V DC electrical fuse is a fast blow fuse, specially designed for solar PV systems.
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    Buy high-quality 1000V/1500V 10A DC fuse for solar PV systems, with a DIN rail fuse holder, mainly to provide over-current and short-circuit protection within the system, lightweight, easy to install and replace.


    • Model: ATO-FRPV-30
    • Fuse Type: Solar DC Fuse (Fast Acting Fuse)
    • Fuse Holder Type: DIN Rail Fuse Holder
    • Pole: 1P
    • Rated Voltage: 1000V DC/1500V DC
    • Rated Current(A): 10A
    • Short-Circuit Breaking Capacity: 33kVA
    • Max Power Attenuation: 3.5kW
    • Protection Grade: IP20
    • Connection: 2.5-10mm2
    • Operation Ambient Temperature: -30℃ to +70℃
    • Resistance and Damp Hot: Class 2
    • Elevation: ≤2000m
    • Installation Way: TH35-7.5/DIN35 Rail Installation
    • RH (Relative Air Humidity): When+20℃, not exceed 95%, when+40℃, not exceed 50%.
    • Pollution Class: +3
    • Installation Environment: Where there is no obvious vibration and shock.
    • W x H x L: W18 x H89 x L90 mm


    • DC Fuse for Solar: It is a solar fuse that consists of a 10 amp DC fuse and a DIN rail fuse holder, equipped with a PV-specific flame-retardant housing material.
    • Two-Stage Spring Buckle: The solar PV fuse has a midway stop function, which is convenient for installing and removing the product.
    • 95 Alumina Porcelain Core: It has low-temperature rise and strong arc extinguishing performance.
    • Multiple Cooling Holes On The Side: This can enhance the air circulation inside the DC fuse, which is suitable for various high-temperature environments.

    Wiring Diagrams

    DC fuse wiring diagramSolar fuse wiring diagram


    ATO DC fuse with a fuse holder is specifically designed for use in solar power systems operating on direct current (DC). Its primary purpose is to provide overcurrent and short-circuit protection within the system. By interrupting the circuit when the current exceeds safe levels, the PV fuse prevents damage to solar panels, charge controllers, batteries, inverters, and other components.

    Fuse applications

    Tips: Are DC and AC fuses the same?

    DC fuses and AC fuses differ in their design and functionality to accommodate the distinctive characteristics of direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) systems. DC fuses are designed to interrupt the flow of continuous current in a single direction. They utilize materials with higher melting points to effectively handle the challenges of arc extinguishing in a DC circuit. DC fuses are constructed with materials like silver, copper, or silver-plated copper to enhance arc quenching capabilities. Their design prioritizes reliable interruption of the current, ensuring safe operation in direct current systems.

    In contrast, AC fuses are specifically engineered to address the periodic nature of alternating currents. AC circuits experience regular changes in current direction, with zero-crossings occurring where the current passes through zero. AC fuses are designed to take advantage of these zero-crossings for efficient arc extinguishing. They often incorporate additional features such as arc chutes or magnetic blowouts to enhance arc suppression and interruption capabilities. These elements facilitate the safe and reliable interruption of the alternating current, providing effective protection against overcurrent conditions in AC systems.

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