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    10 HP (7.5 kW) Fire Pump, Single Stage

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    Affordable price single stage vertical construction fire pump with 10 hp power and high precision rotor. The firefighting pump adopts thickened base, strong and shock-resistant. Vertical fire pump widely used in garden irrigation and fire fighting water supply.
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    The fire pump is equipped with a mounting base, easy to install, increase the stability of the pump operation. The pump and the motor are connected by a coupling, so there is no need for correction in use.


    • Fire pump is compact in structure and small in size.
    • Pump inlet and outlet are horizontal direction, simplifying the connection of the pipeline.
    • Pump rotor has small winding, stable operation, small vibration, long service life.


    • Model: XBD5.0/5G-65-200
    • Power: 10 hp (7.5 kW)
    • Number of Stage: single stage
    • Voltage: 380V
    • Caliber: 65 mm
    • Flow Rate: 5 L/s
    • Head of Pump: 50m
    • Rotational Speed: 2900 r/min


    Fire pump structure

    Tips: What are the Application of Fire Pump?

    • High-rise buildings. Fire pumps are often installed in high-rise buildings to provide water pressure for sprinkler systems on upper floors, as municipal water pressure may not be sufficient to reach those heights.
    • Industrial facilities. Many industrial facilities, such as factories and warehouses, have fire pumps to provide water for sprinkler systems and other fire suppression equipment.
    • Hospitals and healthcare facilities. Fire pumps are essential in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, where the safety of patients and staff is paramount.
    • Hotels and resorts. Fire pumps are often installed in hotels and resorts to provide water pressure for sprinkler systems and other fire suppression equipment in case of a fire emergency.
    Existing reviews of 10 HP (7.5 kW) Fire Pump, Single Stage
    Robust power output
    Its 10 HP power output (equivalent to 7.5 kW) is more than capable of handling the demands of fire suppression. This level of power ensures that water is delivered swiftly and effectively, which is critical in emergency situations.
    From: Banomy | Date: 26/09/2023
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