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    10 Inch Brass Gate Valve, DN250

    Compact brass gate valve with nominal diameter DN250mm, flange structure, and strong pressure resistance. The 10-inch brass gate valve works in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, and other industries for cutting off or regulating the flow in the gas pipeline systems.
    SKU: ATO-FC-BGV11-250
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    The 250mm brass flange gate valve has the advantages of reliable sealing, quick opening/closing, and strong pressure resistance. The sluice valve comes with a beautiful appearance and can be connected by a flange or threaded connection.


    • Model: ATO-BY-1011250
    • Nominal Pressure: 1.6MPa
    • Nominal Diameter: 10 Inch (250mm)
    • Body Material:  HPb59-1 copper
    • Applicable Temperature:-10°C≤T≤120°C
    • Working Medium: Water, heating
    • Number of Gates: Single gate
    • Mode of Action: Single action
    • Weight: 106kg


    • The 250mm brass gate valve adopts a thickened all-copper valve body, which has strong pressure resistance, one-piece molding, uniform wall thickness, and high wear resistance.
    • The spheroidal ink handwheel can be rotated 360° for easy operation, saving time and effort, and has a wide range of applications.
    • Standard thickness flange connection, with strong pressure resistance, good sealing, and durability.
    • The 10-inch flanged gate valve is smooth and non-scaling, and the polishing treatment is practical and non-clogging.

    Dimension (Unit mm)

    Brass gate valve dimension


    • L: 256mm
    • H: 610mm
    • D: 355mm
    • D1: 400mm
    • N-φD: 12-φ25mm


    Brass gate valve installation


    Brass gate valves are suitable for water, oil, gas, steam, and other media. It is widely used in chemical equipment, industrial equipment, drainage equipment, paper-making equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, electric power equipment, and mining equipment.

    Brass gate valve applications

    Tips: What is the difference between brass and bronze gate valve?

    Brass gate valves are very corrosion resistant, much like bronze, but tend to break down when exposed to high concentrations of chlorine. The main advantage of brass valves compared to bronze is the much lower lead content in the metal. This makes brass safe for drinking water in most cases. Bronze gate valves are more resistant to corrosion than brass gate valves, but bronze has high lead content and cannot provide us with safe drinking water.

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