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    100 MHz Handheld Oscilloscope, 1 GSa/s, Single Channel

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    The single channel 100 MHz handheld oscilloscope provides 1 GSa/s real-time sample rate and a waveform acquisition rate of 4 waveforms per second. The digital oscilloscope is ideal for communications, defense, aerospace and industrial electronics.
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    This compact portable oscilloscope is a high-quality single-channel, 100 MHz bandwidth digital oscilloscope which ensures a more rapid capturing of instantaneous or abnormal signals for accelerating signal analysis and fault tracing. The high-quality 100 MHz oscilloscope is a portable tool for waveform measurement, features an auto-scale function, USB data transmission, and waveform record and replay. 


    Performance Characteristics

    Model ATO-HDS3101M-N
    Bandwidth 100 MHz
    Channel Single channel
    Sample rate 1 GSa/s
    Horizontal Scale (s/div) 5ns/div~100s/div, step by 1~2.5~5
    Record length 24K points
    Display 3.7" color TFT display (640 * 480 pixels)
    Waveform refresh rate 10000 wfrms/s
    Input coupling DC, AC, Ground
    Input impedance 1 MΩ±2%, in parallel with 18 pF±5 pF
    Probe attenuation 1X,10X,100X,1000X
    Max. input voltage 400V (PK - PK) (DC + AC, PK - PK, 1MΩ input impedance, probe attenuation 10 : 1), CAT II
    Bandwidth limit(typical) 20MHz / Full bandwidth
    Sampling rate range 5ns/div ~ 500s/div, step by 1 – 2 - 5
    DC Accuracy (average) average >16: ±(5% reading + 0.05div) for △V
    Vertical Sensitivity 5mV/div~5V/div (at input)
    Rise time (at input, Typical) ≤ 17.5ns
    Trigger type Edge and Video
    Trigger model Auto, Normal, Single
    Trigger level range ±6 div from the screen center
    Automatic measurement Vpp, Vavg, Vrms, Freq, Period, Vmax, Vmin, Vtop, Vbase, Vamp, Overshoot,
    Preshoot, Rise Time, Fall Time, +Width, -Width, +Duty, -Duty, Delay A→B , Delay A→B
    Cursor measurement ΔV, ΔT, ΔT&ΔV between cursors,auto cursor
    Communication interface USB Type-C
    Acquisition Mode Sample, Peak Detect, and Average
    Interpolation sin (x) / x
    Vertical Resolution (A/D) 8 bits
    Waveform Storage 4 waveforms
    Communication Interface Mini-USB,mini-RS232
    Power Supply 100V-240V AC, 50/60Hz

    Digital Multimeter Specification

    Full-Scale Reading 3 3/4 digits (max 4000-count)
    Diode 0V-1.5V
    Input Impedance 10 MΩ
    On/ Off Test < 50 (± 30) beeping
    Voltage VDC: 400mV, 4V, 40V, 400V, 1000V : ±(1% ± 1 digit); max input: DC 1000V
    VAC: 4V, 40V, 400V: ±(1% ± 3 digits), 750V: ±(2% ± 3 digits); Frequency: 40Hz - 400Hz;
    Max input: AC 750V (virtual value)
    Current DC: 40mA, 400mA : ±(1.5% ± 1 digit), 10A: ±(3% ± 3 digits)
    AC: 40mA: ±(1.5% ± 3 digits), 400mA: ±(2% ± 1 digit), 10A : ±(5% ± 3 digits)
    Impedance 400Ω: ±(1% ± 3 digits), 40ΚΩ - 4ΜΩ: ±(1% ± 1 digit), 40MΩ: ±(1.5% ± 3 digits)
    Capacitance 51.2nF - 100uF: ±(3% ± 3 digits)


    • Power cord
    • CD rom
    • USB cable
    • Probe
    • Probe Adjust
    • Multimeter lead
    • Adapter
    • User manual
    • 5V, 1KHz Output
    • Capacitance Ext Module
    • Soft Bag
    • Metal Case (optional)

    Dimension (mm)

    Handheld oscilloscope dimension

    Tips: How to use a handheld oscilloscope?

    • Select and set the probe:  First, according to the need to choose a suitable probe, for most of the measured signal, you buy the instrument that comes with a simple passive probe that can be used. Next, set the attenuation of the probe, which is generally used is 10X, it is the best choice for many occasions, if you want to measure the amplitude of the smaller signal, you can set it in the 1X file.
    • Connect the probe, and open the oscilloscope: Connect the probe to the first channel of the oscilloscope, and turn on the oscilloscope switch to start running, you can see the oscilloscope screen with squares, scales, and a waveform consisting of a horizontal line with faint noise fluctuations.
    • Calibrating the probe:  Oscilloscopes generally provide an internally generated, highly reliable, fixed frequency and amplitude square wave test signal for calibration on the lower right side of the panel, with two separate connections - one to output the calibration signal and one to connect to system ground. Connect the probe's ground clamp to the ground side of this test signal and the oscilloscope's probe to the test signal's output.
    Existing reviews of 100 MHz Handheld Oscilloscope, 1 GSa/s, Single Channel
    So Perfect Oscilloscope
    This oscilloscope is so perfect for my automotive. It is easy to use and the casing is sleek. Very well worth its price.
    From: sera | Date: 06/02/2024
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    Powerful 100 MHz Handheld Oscilloscope
    I bought a few of these and they are great. My default meter and scope for on-the-go. I do not know how they fit this functionality into such a small scope. Had these for a few years and they don’t disappoint.
    From: Leverette | Date: 27/03/2023
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