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    12 amp 3/4 Pole DC Coil Contactor, 12V/24V/48V/220V Coil

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    12 amp DC coil controlled AC contactor with 3 or 4 pole for sale at low price. 12V, 24V, 48V, 220V coil voltages are optional, rated power up to 7.5 kW (10HP). It is an electrical switching device widely used in the control system of DC electric control, storage battery circuit and capacitance circuit.
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    DC Contactor is mainly used in the DC control circuit. It works as to connect and break of the circuit load, which can fully meet the special demand of electric locomotive, diesel locomotive and electric motor car group.


    Model ATO-CJX2-12Z ATO-CJX2-12008Z
    Rated Current 12A AC
    Coil Rated Voltage (Optional) 12V DC, 24V DC, 36V DC, 48V DC, 110V DC, 220V DC
    Contact Form (Optional) 3 Pole (3NO)+1NO, 3 Pole (3NO)+1NC 4 Pole (2NO+2NC)
    Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz AC
    Rated Power (AC-3) 200-240V 3kW (4HP)
    380-440V 5.5kW (7.5HP)
    500-550V 7.5kW (10HP)
    600-690V 7.5kW (10HP)
    Conventional Thermal Current 25A
    Operating Temperature -40℃~85℃
    Operating Humidity 5~95% RH
    Dimensions 47 x 76 x 115mm 47 x 76 x 116mm
    Weight 0.5kg

    Circuits Diagram

    Circuit Diagram of 12 amp DC Contactor


    12 amp DC Contactor Details

    Tips: Difference between DC contactor and AC contactor

    The difference between a DC contactor and an AC contactor is in the core and coil.

    There is eddy current in the electromagnet core of AC contactor, so the electromagnet core is made to be stacked one by one. To prevent electromagnetic release at the moment of zero crossing, a short-circuit ring is added to the electromagnet core, the number of coil turns is small, the current is large, and the wire diameter is thick.

    The electromagnet core of the DC contactor is an integral iron core with a slender coil and a particularly large number of turns. If the AC and DC contactors are connected incorrectly, the DC power is connected to the AC contactor, and the coil will burn immediately. The AC power is connected to the DC contactor, the contactor cannot be closed.

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    Easy purchase and great product.
    This switch got my air conditioner back up and running on a hot day. Thanks!
    From: Adeptus | Date: 23/08/2022
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