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    12 Channel Thermocouple Data Logger

    Favorable price thermocouple data logger for sale. This data logger can measure temperature 0~50℃ and humidity 10~85%RH. Temperature data logger has high-brightness LCD display which can show real time data, selectable 3 channel, 6 channel and 12 channel.
    SKU: ATO-TDL-5100
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    12 channel thermocouple data logger can intelligently match various sensors, and support various signal inputs such as pressure, temperature, flow, level, and electricity. This multi channel temperature data logger made of high-quality matte material shell, simple structure and durable.


    • Model: ATO-RN3000
    • Channel (Optional): 3 Channel, 6 Channel, 12 Channel
    • External Power Supply: DC24V, 150mA
    • Communication Method: 1 Channel RS485 Communication Interface, MODBUS Communication Protocol
    • Analog Input: Select Input Signal by Parameter Setting
    • Thermocouple: B/E/J/K/S/T/R/N
    • Thermal Resistance: Pt100/Cu50
    • Voltage: 1~5V
    • Current: 4~20mA
    • Power Supply: 176-264V AC 47~63Hz
    • Maximum Power: 20VA
    • Operating Environment: Temperature: 0~50℃, Humidity: 10~85%RH, No Condensation
    • Dimensions: 96x96x100mm
    • Hole Size: 92x92mm
    • Alarm Output: Up to 4 relay outputs, 250V AC/ 2A, resistive load, all relays are normally open contacts.
    • Power-Off Protection: All data are stored in Flash memory to ensure that all history, data and configuration parameters will not be lost due to power-off. After power-off, the real-time clock is powered by lithium battery.

    Note: This thermocouple data logger does not come with software. It can only store the data in the U disk. And then you can insert the U disk on the computer to export the data in Excel format.


    Details of 12 channel temperature data logger


    Wiring of 12 channel temperature data logger

    Tips: What is a 12 channel thermocouple data logger?

    The 12 channel thermocouple data logger adopts a high-brightness, wide-viewing liquid crystal display, with a clear display and a storage capacity of 48M, which truly realizes the powerful recording function of the paperless recorder; The combination of buttons and knobs makes the operation more flexible and convenient, which truly conforms to the operating habits of industrial personnel. At the same time, the standard USB2.0 dump interface is used, which can dump the data to be saved to a computer or other devices for permanent storage or printing.

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