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    14.4V Automatic Rebar Tying Machine, 4~28/45/58mm

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    Portable tier machine is used for automatic rebar tying. It is equipped with a 14.4V battery, rebar binding range in construction work is 4-28/45/58mm. Automatic rebar tying tool can tie 3500 knots per charge, suitable for steel bar, floor pipe, heating floor mesh, etc.
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    Factory price automatic rebar tying machine for sale online. With the scope of binding reinforcement 4-28mm/45mm/58mm, the number of knots per charge is up to 3500 knots. 14.4V rebar tier machine could drastically lower the work strength and save manpower.


    • The rebar tying machine uses a DC 14.4V NI-MH battery and could work 3500 knots per time charging.
    • Charge time is 70 minutes. The total length of the wire roll is 100.
    • The biggest feature of the rebar tying tool is efficient and convenient. Its efficiency is 2-3 times as labor work.
    • Rebar tier machines could drastically lower the work strength and save manpower.


    Model ATO-RT-280 ATO-RT-450 ATO-RT-580
    Machine Size 280x300x105mm 280x300x105mm 280x300x105mm
    Machine Net Weight 2.65kg 2.67kg 2.69kg
    Packing Weight 4400mAH 4400mAH 4400mAH
    Battery Model 8kg 8kg 8kg
    Battery Charging Time 14.4V Li-ion battery 14.4V Li-ion battery 14.4V Li-ion battery
    Number of Machines 70min 70min 70min
    Scope of Binding Reinforcement 2 Coil-3 Coil 2 Coil-3 Coil 3 Coil-4 Coil
    Wire Diameter 4-28mm 4-45mm 4-58mm
    Wire Length 0.8mm 0.8mm 0.8mm
    Wire Weight 100m 100m 100m
    Wire Length 0.40kg 0.40kg 0.40kg
    Number of Wire Knots Per Reel 43-58cm 60-82cm 103-128cm
    Number of Knots Per Charge 230 knots 180 knots 100 knots
    Each Distribution Wire 3500 knots 3500 knots 3500 knots
    Number of Machines Per Machine 4 NOS 4 NOS 4 NOS
    Number of Machines Per Set 2 NOS 2 NOS 2 NOS


    14.4V automatic rebar tying machine details


    Rebar tying machine is widely used in buildings, bridges, roads, railways, infrastructure, national defense projects, special projects and other fields. It replaces traditional manual binding with fully automatic intelligent binding steel bar technology, which greatly improves work efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of workers.14.4V automatic rebar tying machine applications

    Tips for Using a Rebar Tying Machine

    • When the power of the rebar tying machine is low, the power indicator will be red and the rebar tier will stop working.
    • The remaining amount of iron wire can be observed through the back cover during use.
    • There should be no obstruction between the bottom of the guide wire and the wire outlet.
    • If the iron wire remains inside the cutter body, it can be taken out with a tool through the top window of the rebar tier.
    • After the installation of the wire tray, the wire head may be irregular, which may lead to poor binding for the first time. It is suggested that after the installation of the wire, the wire should be put into use again after the trial operation.
    • It is forbidden to put your hands in or near the twisting area.
    • When the strapping process is not completed, please do not pull out the rebar tier machine to avoid bad strapping.
    • If the wire knot remains in the gun head after the binding, please take it out and proceed to the next operation.
    • When the wire reel is exhausted, be sure to pull out the remaining wires along the plastic wire reel. Do not cut the wire directly, otherwise, the rebar tier will be blocked by the wire and cannot work. If the wire cannot be withdrawn, first check whether the scissors head is tight. If it is tight, use diagonal pliers to turn the torsion shaft a few times to withdraw smoothly.
    • There is a running-in period when the new rebar tier is used, and the wire may not be wound tightly. This is a normal phenomenon, and it will become tighter in a short time. In addition, the new battery is dead or insufficient, and there is also a phenomenon that the wire is not tightly wound. This phenomenon will be eliminated by replacing the fully charged battery. Please rest assured to use it.
    • The new battery should be used up first, and then fully charged again, so as to extend the battery life and better serve you.
    Existing reviews of 14.4V Automatic Rebar Tying Machine, 4~28/45/58mm
    High Efficiency
    Automatic rebar tying machines significantly increase the speed of rebar tying compared to manual methods. They can tie rebars quickly and consistently, leading to improved productivity on construction sites. By automating the rebar tying process, these machines reduce the need for manual labor, potentially lowering labor costs and allowing workers to focus on other critical tasks.
    From: Juanlu | Date: 13/09/2023
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    High efficient rebar tying machine
    The 14.4V automatic rebar binding machine makes it easier and faster to tie the rebar, and the binding quality is very good, which saves us a lot of time.
    From: Margaret | Date: 30/03/2023
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