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    18.5V Automatic Rebar Tying Machine, 4~58mm

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    Rebar tying machine is an automatic machine with a built-in micro-controller circuit board and an 18.5-volt battery, suitable for 4-58mm/8-45mm/8-58mm diameter rebar, widely used in construction engineering to replace manual rebar binding.
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    Cheap 18.5V automatic rebar tying machine for sale online. 4-58mm, 8-45mm and 8-58mm applicable rebar sizes are available. Its wire length is up to 102-128cm per tying, and wraps per tie are 2-3/3-4 wraps. Also, rebar tier machine per charge up to 3500 knots.


    • The rebar tying machine uses a DC 18.5V NI-MH battery and could tie 5000 knots per time charging (60 minutes charge time).
    • The biggest feature of the rebar tying tool is efficient and convenient. Its efficiency is 2-3 times as labor work.
    • Rebar tier machines could drastically lower the work strength and save manpower.


    Model No. ATO-RT-528 ATO-RT-545 ATO-RT-558
    Net Weight 2.65kg 2.67kg 2.69kg
    Battery capacity 5000mAH 5000mAH 5000mAH
    Charger 5A/18.5V 5A/18.5V 5A/18.5V
    Gross Weight 7.8kg 8kg 8kg
    Battery type LI-ion LI-ion LI-ion
    Charging time 60 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes
    Wire diameter 0.8 mm 0.8 mm 0.8 mm
    Length per coil 95-100 m 95-100 m 95-100 m
    Weight per coil 0.40 kg 0.40 kg 0.40 kg
    Wraps per knot 2 wraps-3 wraps 2 wraps-3 wraps 3 wraps-4 wraps
    Applicable rebar size 4-28mm 8-45mm 8-58mm
    Wire length per tying 43-58cm 60-82cm 102-128cm
    Ties per roll of wire 230 knots 180 knots 95 knots
    Ties per charging 5000 knots 4500 knots 4300 knots


    18.5V automatic rebar tying machine details


    Rebar tying machine is widely used in buildings, bridges, roads, railways, infrastructure, national defense projects, special projects and other fields. It replaces traditional manual binding with fully automatic intelligent binding steel bar technology, which greatly improves work efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of workers.14.4V automatic rebar tying machine applications

    Tips: Advantages of Automatic Rebar Tying Machine

    • Automatic rebar tying tool can be operated by one hand so which improves the safety factor of workers.
    • Binding speed is 2-3 times of manual operation, and the binding time of each wire knot is less than 1 second, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.
    • Rebar tying tool has a large binding force and a special structure design, which makes it easy to bundle steel bars, aluminum ingot and heavy packing materials.
    • A powerful lithium battery’s charging time is about 60/70 minutes. The portable rebar tier can continuously bind up to 5000 knots after charging each time.
    Existing reviews of 18.5V Automatic Rebar Tying Machine, 4~58mm
    Great Rebar tying machine
    I received an 18.5V automatic rebar strapping machine last month and I am very pleased with its work. Our productivity has increased dramatically since we started using this machine, which is fantastic!
    From: Stephen | Date: 30/03/2023
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