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    15 kVA 3 Phase Variac Transformer

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    20 Amp variable transformer with 15 kVA power, three phase, output voltage range 0-430V or 0-500V, variac transformer is widely used in laboratories, railroad switch testing, packaging machinery, aviation power supply voltage regulation, etc.
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    Three phase variac variable transformer for laboratory, 20A, 15kVA rated power, input voltage 380V, variac voltage regulator can be achieved in voltage regulation, temperature control, speed control, dimming, power control, etc.


    • Model: ATO-VVR-TH15
    • Rated Power: 15 kVA
    • Input Voltage: 380V
    • Output Voltage: 0~430V, 0~500V
    • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
    • Rated Full Offset Current: 20A
    • Insulation Resistance: ≥5 MΩ
    • Pressure Resistance: 2000 V/1min
    • Weight: 49 kg
    • Dimension: 300mm x 240mm x 580mm
    • Certificate: CE

    Wiring method

    Installation and use of three-phase variac transformer should be noted: the wiring must be firmly pressed, there can be no loose.

    Three-phase variac transformer is a three-phase four-wire system, the input side should be connected to the zero line, when using the regulator to adjust the voltage should be adjusted from 0V to high voltage, the output voltage is different corresponding to the load power is different.

    Variac transformer wiring

    3 Phase 15 kVA Variac Transformer Details

    Three phase variable transformer details

    Three phase variac transformer detail

    Tip: Three-phase variac transformer working principle

    Three phase variac transformer is a special transformer whose output and input share a set of coils. Step-up and step-down are implemented with different taps, and the voltage of the part of the tap less than that of the common coil is reduced, and the voltage of the part of the tap that is more than that of the common coil is increased. In fact, the principle is the same as that of ordinary transformers, except that its primary coil is its secondary coil. In general transformers, the primary coil on the left generates voltage through electromagnetic induction, and the secondary coil on the right is adjusted to affect itself. An autotransformer is a transformer with only one winding. When used as a step-down transformer, a part of the turns is extracted from the winding as a secondary winding. When used as a step-up transformer, the applied voltage is only applied to one part of the winding. The part of the winding that belongs to both the primary and the secondary is usually called the common winding, and the rest of the variac transformer is called the series winding. Compared with the ordinary transformer, the autotransformer of the same capacity is not only small in size, but also has high efficiency, and the capacity of the transformer is high. The larger the voltage, the higher the voltage. This advantage is more prominent, therefore, with the development of power system, the improvement of voltage level and the increase of transmission capacity.

    Existing reviews of 15 kVA 3 Phase Variac Transformer
    Please send me variac transformer quality and safety certificates
    Thank you for the authorization.
    Please send me product quality and safety certificates.
    From: hyades | Date: 07/06/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Unfortunately, we do not provide quality and safety certification for ATO-VVR-TH15.
    Variac transformer has large energy
    When I first received the variac transformer, I felt that it was small in size, but it had great power. It didn't show any fever after using it for a week, and the effect was very good. The engineer guided us patiently.
    From: Biondo | Date: 12/05/2022
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