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    150 hp (110 kW) AC Line Reactor, 3 Phase Output

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    150 hp vfd line reactor, 3 phase outout, with super high performance, rated current 250 amps, copper or aluminum for selection, attractive appearance, low noise, high protection class and durability. Low price and directly selling by manufacturer.
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    150 hp (110 kW) 3-phase AC output line reactor is characterized by rared current 250A, work freqency 50/60Hz, voltage and materials can be selected, cheap and easy to operate.

    3-Phase Output Line Reactor Specifications

    Basic Model ATOACR-0090-0M16-0.4SC
    Recommended VFD Model GK3000-4T1100G (50 hp three phase VFD)
    Phase 3 Phase
    Power 150 hp (110 kW)
    Weight 18 kg
    Technical Parameters Work Valtage 380V (optional: 220V/ 240V/ 400V/ 415V/ 440V/ 460V/ 480V)
    Work Frequency 50Hz/60 Hz
    Rated Current 90 A
    Max Current 1.5 Times the Rated Current, Continued 60s
    Inductance Value 0.028 mH
    Material Aluminium/Copper (Optional)
    Voltage Drop 2%
    Noise ≤65dB
    Insulation Class Class F, H
    Protection Class IP00-IP22
    Insulation Resistor ≥100MΩ
    Working Environment Operation Environment -10℃~+45℃
    Temperature Rise ≤85K
    Humidity ≤90%RH, without condensation
    Running Ambient Temperature -25℃~+45℃
    Altittude ≤2000m

    3-Phase Output Line Reactor Mounting Dimension

    15hp (11kW) 3 phase line reactor

    L D W W1 H A×B
    250 182 175 98 230 11×18

    3-Phase Output Line Reactor Circuit Diagram

    3 phase output line reactor circuit diagram

    Tips: How to solve the surface discharging of line reactor?

    Dry air parallel line reactor doesn’t have any form of surface discharge in dry state. When it is raining, the parts with low temperature rise have conductive water film and high surface leakage current. Near end backflow lead row with concentrated surface electric leakage and the spots on the surface of waist have dirty and wet charge and electric leakage traces. Hydrophobic coating can restrain leakage current and prevent any form of surface discharge effectively.

    The end adopts the improvement measures of pre-burried annular current sharing electrode structure to solve the concentrated current leakage on lower end surface. Electric arcs can be prevented even without hydrophobic coating or when hydrophobic coating fails. As the currently best structure improvement measure, rainhat and rain protection layer can restrain surface current leakage to some extent.


    Existing reviews of 150 hp (110 kW) AC Line Reactor, 3 Phase Output
    Meet my expectations of the output line reactor for vfd
    Thank you very much. With the help of the engineer, I have installed the 110 kW output line reactor that just arrived. It has been running for 5 days.
    This 3 phase output line reactor performance is stable and noise is small. I trust that I will visit again.
    From: Martines | Date: 08/11/2018
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