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    40 Amps 4 Pole AC Contactor 24V/110V/220V Coil

    AC contactor is mainly used for AC 50Hz or 60Hz, and it is avaliable with contact form 4P(4NO) or 4P(2NO+2NC). When used in AC-3 380V, the rated current is 40A. When used in AC-3 660V, rated current is 34A. Favorable price and high safety.
    SKU: ATO-CJX2-40
    Delivery date: 6-12 days

    ATO provides you AC contactor with 24V / 110V / 220V coil voltage, cost-effective, low price and easy to operate. Widely used in electric drive systems. As a control device for frequent or disconnected load circuits, AC contactor is electrically operated for remote operation and automatic control systems.


    Model ATO-CJX2-40
    Rated Operational Current (AC-3) 380V 40A
    660V 34A
    Conventional Heating Current 60A
    Rated Insulation Voltage 690V
    Power of Controllable 3-phase Squirrel-cage Motor (AC-3) 220V 11kW
    380V 18.5kW
    660V 30kW
    Operational Frequency (AC-3) Electric Life 600 times/h
    Mechanical Life 3600 times/h
    Service Life Electric Life (104 times) 80
    Mechanical Life (104 times) 800
    Matching Fusing Model RT16-20
    Average Power Consumption (20℃) @ 50Hz Pick-up 230VA
    Holding 32VA
    Unit weught(kg) 4P(4N/O) 1.32
    4P(2N/O+2N/C) 1.37
    Ambient Temperature -5℃~+40℃
    Altittude ≤2000m
    Class of Pollution Class 3
    Installation Category

    40A 3 Pole AC Contactor Mounting Dimenions

    4P(4NO) AC contactor

    cjx2 ac contact 4004

    4P(2NO+2NC) AC contacor

    ac contact cjx2 4008

    Tips: Basic principle of AC contactor
    When the coil is energized, the static iron core generates electromagnetic attraction, and the moving iron core is sucked. Since the contact system is linked with the moving iron core, the moving iron core drives the three movable contact pieces to operate at the same time, and the contacts are closed, thereby being connected. power supply. When the coil is de-energized, the suction force disappears, and the moving core interlocking portion is separated by the reaction force of the spring, so that the main contact is disconnected and the power is cut off.

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