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    150 W DC Planetary Gear Motor, 12V/24V/48V

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    Low noise 57mm/60mm 150W planetary gear motor with 3000rpm rated speed for sale, 0.48Nm rated torque, 4 to 250 gear ratio, buy 12V/24V/36V/48V power supply BLDC motor with a planetary gearbox, offers greater efficiency and increase torque transmission.
    SKU: ATO-GEAR-P150
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    150 watt planetary gear motor with 12V/24V/36V/48V DC power supply, 0.48Nm rated torque, 3000rpm and peak torque up to 1.43Nm, high gear speed is available. brushless designed for electrical car and industrial machines.


    • 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V DC are available.
    • The planetary gearbox ratio is up to 250:1.
    • Power, voltage, speed, shaft, motor length and lead can be customized.
    • BLDC motor with a planetary gearbox has low power consumption, high efficiency and longer battery life.
    • Planetary gear motor provides high torque at low speeds.
    • Easy for speed adjustment and reversible direction.


    Motor Model D2BLD150-12A-30S D2BLD150-24A-30S D2BLD150-36A-30S D2BLD150-48A-30S
    Motor Type BLDC Motor
    Power 150W
    Voltage 12V DC 24V DC 36V DC 48V DC
    Rated Current 15.63A 7.81A 5.21A 3.91A
    No Load Current <1.5A <1.0A <0.8A <0.6A
    No Load Speed 3300 rpm
    Rated Speed 3000 rpm
    Rated Torque 0.48 N·m
    Peak Torque 1.43 N·m
    Motor Dimension 57mm/60mm
    Shaft Diameter 14mm
    Construction Permanent Magnet
    Direction of Rotation CW/CCW
    Certificate CCC, CE, ROSH, LVD, EMC
    Recommended drive model BLDC-50A BLD-300B BLD-300B BLD-300B
    Gear Ratio 4, 5, 7, 10, 16, 20, 25, 28, 35, 40, 50, 70, 80, 100, 125, 140, 175, 200, 250
    What Parameters of ATO Planetary Gear Motor Can Be Customized?
    Power Yes
    Voltage Yes
    Speed Yes
    Shaft Yes
    Motor Length Yes
    Motor Lead Yes

    Note: Please contact us for planetary gear motor drawing information before ordering.

    Allowable Torque with Gear Head

    Gear ratio 4 5 7 10 16 20 25 28 35 40 50 70 80 100 125 140 175 200 250
    Rated output speed (rpm) 750 600 429 300 188 150 120 107 86 75 60 43 38 30 24 21 17 15 12
    Rated torque (Nm) 1.8 2.3 3.2 4.6 7.2 9.0 11.2 12.6 15.7 18.0 22.4 31.4 34.4 37.5 41.0 37.5 41.0 37.5 41.0
    Peak torque (Nm) 5.5 6.9 9.6 13.8 21.5 26.9 33.7 37.7 47.1 53.9 66.0 43.0 75.0 75.0 82.0 75.0 82.0 75.0 82.0
    Rotor inertia (kgcm2) 0.094 0.092 0.091 0.091 0.094 0.092 0.092 0.091 0.091 0.091 0.091 0.091 0.092 0.092 0.092 0.091 0.091 0.091 0.091

    Speed-torque curve

    150W dc planetary gear motor torque speed curve

    • Instantaneous maximum torque line
      The maximum torque momentarily impacts the load when the motor is started.
      Beyond this torque, the over-current protection of the driver will cause the motor to stop.
    • Short time operation area
      The motor can run at a short time within this torque range at different speeds.
      If the operation time is too long, the motor will generate heat, which may cause the motor to stop or burn.
    • Rated operating torque line
      The rated torque of motor running at different speeds, and the motor can run for a long time at this torque.
    • Continuous operating area
      When the motor rotates at different speeds, it runs continuously in this corresponding zone.

    Tips: Notice for Usage

    • Please don't use motor out of the range of nameplate of gear box and motor and the specification of product catalogue, avoiding getting an electric shock, hurting or damaging the device.
    • Please do not put your fingers and things into the opening part of gear or motor ,in order to prevent getting and electric shock,hurting,catching a fire of damaging device etc.
    • Please do not use the Injured gear head of motor, in prder to orevent hurting,catching a fire etc.
    • Please do not put off thenameolate.
    • If the products are reformed by the customers personally, it no longer belongs to the guarantee scope, and our company doesn’t undertake any responsibility.
    • When you move it, if it shed off or tilt to one side, it is very dangerous, please pay more attention.
    • Please must not put the flammable thing near the gear head and motor, in order to prevent catching a fire.
    Existing reviews of 150 W DC Planetary Gear Motor, 12V/24V/48V
    Great product
    I bought a 150W for my BLDC motor, which offers high efficiency. Easy for speed adjustment and reversible direction. Have used for about 3 weeks of intermittent use, and so far, so good. Longevity remains to be demonstrated. At this point, I would buy another of these if needed for a similar purpose.
    From: cxk | Date: 20/04/2022
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