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    1500KV Brushless Motor for Drone, 3S

    3S brushless motor is designed for fixed-wing drones, with 1500KV or 1650KV speeds. Small brushless motor is more powerful than other brushless motors. Works with a 10A ESC controller to generate the thrust that your drone can fly.
    SKU: ATO-BDM-1500
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    Lightweight 1500KV/1600KV brushless motor for fixed-wing drones. Shaft diameter 3mm, operating rated voltage (lipo) 2-3S, brushless drone motor adopts high-performance tile magnet to ensure efficient motor operation, making the flight more smooth and fast.


    Model ATO-X2302-1500 ATO-X2302-1650
    Motor KV 1500KV 1650KV
    Interphase Internal Resistance 357mΩ 316mΩ
    Motor Weight 15.7g 15.5g
    No-Load Current 0.3A/10V 0.35A/10V
    Maximum Continuous Power 80W 84W
    Maximum Continuous Current 9.5A/30s 10A/30s
    Recommended Propeller Specifications GWS8043/GWS8060 GWS8043/GWS8060
    Operating Rated Voltage (Lipo) 2~3S
    Stator Diameter 3mm
    Stator Thickness 12
    Number of Slots 12N14P
    Motor Size φ28.0*20.5mm
    Motor Silicone Wire Specifications 20AWG 50mm
    ESC Recommended 10A


    • Each brushless drone motor is made by strict dynamic balancing. Original NSK bearings for lower noise and smoother operation. High-precision CNC machined parts, and fine assembly process to achieve higher runout and concentricity standards.
    • 1500KV/1650KV brushless motor cool magic blue rotor end cap with six contours, strong and sturdy. High-quality white metallic paint with blue end caps for a more chic layered aesthetic. The stator end caps are hollowed out around the perimeter, which also increases the heat dissipation area for better heat dissipation.

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    1500KV brushless motor dimension

    Tips: How can I make your 300KV brushless drone motor stronger?

    • Install More Efficient Propellers. Propellers play a very crucial part when it comes to making a drone fly.
    • Upgrade Your Battery.
    • Practice Good Battery Care.
    • Remove Unnecessary Weight.
    • Install More Powerful Motors.
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