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    880KV Brushless Motor for Drone, 3S/4S

    Buy 880KV/950KV/1250KV brushless motor for fixed wing drone. 3-4S brushless drone motor adopts high quality bearing, lower noise, smoother running, and a precision balanced rotor with high-speed stability, ensuring the motor runs without jittering at high speed.
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    Hot selling small brushless drone motor comes with 880KV/950KV/1250KV speed, 3~4S lipo, and an anti-pressure damping bearing, effectively eliminating vibration. The brushless motor is perfect for you to equip your fixed-wing drone.


    Model ATO-X2216-880 ATO-X2216-950 ATO-X2216-1100 ATO-X2216-1250
    Motor KV 880KV 950KV 1100KV 1250KV
    Interphase Internal Resistance 53mΩ 25.8mΩ 18.5mΩ 13.1mΩ
    Motor Weight 67.5g 67g 69g 69g
    No-Load Current 0.5A/10V 0.7A/10V 0.8A/10V 1A/10V
    Maximum Continuous Power 450W 450W 480W 600W
    Maximum Continuous Current 32A/30s 32A/30s 34A/30s 34A/30s
    ESC Recommended 50A 50A 30-40A 40A
    Recommended Propeller Specifications APC9047/9045 APC 9047/APC APC9047/APC9045 APC9047/APC9045
    Operating Rated Voltage (Lipo) 3-4S
    Stator Diameter 26
    Stator Thickness 12
    Number of Slots 12N14P
    Motor Size φ27.7*50.0mm (Long axis), φ27.7*36.5mm (Short axis)
    Shaft Diameter 3.175mm
    Motor Silicone Wire Specifications 20AWG 110mm


    • Each brushless drone motor is made by strict dynamic balancing. Original NSK bearings for lower noise and smoother operation. High-precision CNC machined parts, and fine assembly process to achieve higher runout and concentricity standards.
    • 480KV/550KV/650KV brushless motor cool magic blue rotor end cap with six contours, strong and sturdy. High-quality white metallic paint with blue end caps for a more chic layered aesthetic. The stator end caps are hollowed out around the perimeter, which also increases the heat dissipation area for better heat dissipation.

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    880KV brushless motor dimension

    Tips: How to determine the size of a brushless drone motor?

    Find out the size of the components to be used in this order: frame size => column size => motor size

    By knowing the frame size, we can estimate the motor size we should use. The frame size limits the prop size, and each prop size requires a different motor speed to effectively produce thrust, which is where the motor KV comes into play.

    It is important to make sure that the motor produces enough torque to spin the propeller of your choice, and this is where your stator size comes into play. Usually, a larger stator size and higher KV means more current draw.

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