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    320KV Brushless Motor for Drone, 4S/6S

    4S/6S brushless motor is a quadcopter motor that connects with 15/16/17 inch propellers to make a drone fly. Heavy lift drone motor features lightweight, high efficiency, wide speed range and strong torque capability. 320KV/420KV/580KV BLDC motor speed control is perfect for heavy lift drone position and speed control.
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    The provided 320KV/420KV/580KV brushless motor is designed for multirotor drone. Heavy lift drone motor comes with 4S/6S rated voltage to spin 15/16/17 inch propeller and generate the thrust that your drone can fly. The drone motor rpm is optional, suitable for various working environments.


    Model ATO-EOLO-4112
    Motor KV 320 420 580
    Number of Stator Slots 12 12 12
    Number of Rotor Poles 14 14 14
    Motor Size φ47.5*37.3mm φ47.5*37.3mm φ47.5*37.3mm
    Shaft Diameter 4.0mm 4.0mm 4.0mm
    Motor Silicone Wire 20AWG 600mm 20AWG 600mm 20AWG 600mm
    Motor Weight (Including Wires) 197g 199g 200g
    Rated Voltage (Lipo) 6S 6S 4S
    No-Load Current 0.5A/10V 0.7A/10V 1.1A/10V
    Maximum Continuous Power 825W 1000W 1020W
    Maximum Continuous Current 33A/30s 40A/30s 62A/30s
    Recommended ESC 40A 40A 50A
    Recommended Propeller CN17*6.2 CN15*5.5/C15*5.5 CN17*6.2/CN15*5.5


    • High-efficiency 320KV/420KV/580KV brushless motor is designed for drones.
    • The brushless drone motor adopts an IP54 motor structure to prevent dust and rain.
    • It has manual winding, the ultimate full slots rate, and a new optimized magnetic circuit to make the power more potent.

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    320KV brushless motor dimension

    Tips: What is KV in Brushless Drone Motors?

    "KV" (not to be confused with “kV” the abbreviation for kilovolt) talks about the constant speed of the motor. The KV rating indicates the RPM a particular motor can produce when a given voltage is applied. Typically, the applied voltage is 1 volt of current. This voltage is usually used without any load connected to the motor.

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