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    330KV Brushless Motor for Drone, 4S/6S

    Whoseslae price brushless motors for multirotor drones with rotating speeds at 330KV or 600KV. 4S/ 6S brushless drone motor works with a maximum continuous power of 500W/ 480W. Small brushless motor has the characteristics of high efficiency, stable structure, lightweight and high consistency.
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     Factory price 4~6S brushless motor for a rotary-wing drone with a propeller, shaft diameter 4 mm, 330KV/ 600KV speed, good insulation and heat resistance, widely used in RC aircraft and drones.


    Model ATO-V4008
    Motor KV 330 600
    Number of Stator Slots 18 18
    Number of Rotor Poles 24 24
    Motor Size φ44.3*28.5mm φ44.3*28.5mm
    Shaft Diameter 4.0 mm 4.0 mm
    Motor Silicone Wire 20AWG 600mm 20AWG 600mm
    Phase-to-Phase Internal Resistance 131mΩ 75mΩ
    Motor Weight (Including Wires) 105g 104g
    Rated Voltage (Lipo) 4-6S 4S
    No-Load Current 0.5A/10V 0.8A/10V
    Maximum Continuous Power 500W 480W
    Maximum Continuous Current 20A/30s 30A/30s
    Recommended ESC 30-40A 40A
    Recommended Propeller CN12*5/CN13*5/C15*5.5/CN17*6.2 CN13*5/CN15*5.5


    • 330KV/600KV brushless motor is designed for long-flight time multi-rotors. These motors can produce enough torque at low RPM and work at peak efficiency during flight.
    • With the guarantee of strength, the caps of brushless motors are highly hollow-cutted to save weight, so these motors can reach the maximum thrust-to-weight ratio and gain more flight time.
    • The brushless drone motor series uses a patented Stepped and knurled design that not only efficiently prevents motors from getting loose, but also reduces the probability of malfunction and unstable output power.

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    330KV brushless motor dimension

    Tips: Why do drones use a 330KV brushless drone motor?

    Drones use 330KV brushless DC motors because they produce higher torque for the same weight compared to brushed motors. Or the thrust-to-weight ratio is more like a brushless motor than a brushed motor.

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