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    200KV Brushless Motor for Drone, 10S

    10S brushless motor is designed for drones. It is more powerful than other ordinary brushless motors. 200KV brushless drone motor is recommended to use with propellers, suitable for fixed-wing drones, RC aircraft, and helicopters.
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    Low price fixed-wing drone motor comes with 200KV speed and 36.99V voltage. 10S brushless motor is recommended to use with propellers. The active heat sink can greatly reduce the temperature, and improve the lives of the brushless motor.


    • Model: ATO-X5230-120E
    • Motor KV: 200
    • Shaft diameter: 8mm
    • Interphase Internal Resistance: 24.3mΩ
    • Motor Size:  Motor length 60mm
    • Motor Weight: 615g
    • Number of Slots: 24N28P
    • No-Load Current: 53.428A
    • Maximum Continuous Power: 3900W
    • Maximum Continuous Current: 97A/30s
    • Operating Rated Voltage (Lipo): 36.99V/10S
    • ESC Recommended: 120A
    • Recommended Propeller Specifications: 20*8 / 20*10 / 20*12 20*8/20*10/20*12


    • Each brushless drone motor is made by strict dynamic balancing. Original NSK bearings for lower noise and smoother operation. High precision CNC machined parts, and fine assembly process to achieve higher runout and concentricity standards.
    • 200KV brushless motor cool magic blue rotor end cap with six contours, strong and sturdy. High-quality white metallic paint with blue end caps for a more chic layered aesthetic. The stator end caps are hollowed out around the perimeter, which also increases the heat dissipation area for better heat dissipation.

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    200KV brushless motor dimension

    Tips: What is the relationship between the brushless drone motor, the propeller and the ESC?

    The model number of motor products is generally based on KV value. For example, the model number 2312KV960, 23 means the outer rotor diameter of the motor is 23mm, 12 means the height of the rotor is 12mm, KV means the actual speed of the motor increases 960r/min for every 1V increase in voltage.

    Many people think that the large KV motor increases the propeller to provide a large lift load, in fact, it is not. Because the high KV motor relative to the same level of low KV motor, high speed but small torque, the larger the propeller, the greater the lift, but the corresponding need for greater force to drive, the smaller the motor KV, the greater the rotation force, the higher the propeller speed, the greater the lift, in summary, large propellers need to use low KV motor, and vice versa, the need for high KV motor. That is to say, large with low, small with high.

    ESC is an electronic speed controller, the role is to control the speed of the motor according to the control signal, the DC input of the battery into a certain frequency of AC output used to control the speed of the motor.

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