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    340KV Brushless Motor for Drone, 4S/6S

    Get a high-efficiency 4-6S brushless motor for drone. 340KV BLDC drone motor is specially designed to power long-endurance multirotor aircraft. Brushless drone motor with good insulation and heat resistance, widely used in RC aircraft, multirotor drones, helicopters and airplanes.
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    Buy a 340KV brushless motor for a multirotor drone online. Powerful disc-type drone motor with stator diameter 52 mm, stator thickness 8 mm, rotary wing drone motor battery 4-6S. Recommended takeoff weight calculated per arm is 1500g, great for hexacopters or 8-axis multi-rotor drones.


    Model: ATO-V5208
    Motor KV: 340 KV
    Number of Stator Slots: 24
    Number Of Rotor Poles: 28
    Motor Internal Resistance: 78mΩ
    Motor Size: φ59*31.1 mm

    Shaft Diameter: 4 mm
    Stator Diameter: 52 mm
    Stator Thickness: 8 mm
    Motor Silicone Wire: 20AWG 600 mm
    Weight (Including Wire): 175g
    Rated Voltage (Lipo): 4-6S

    No-Load Current: 0.8A/10V
    Max Continuous Power: 880W
    Max Continuous Current: 35A/ 30s
    Recommended ESC: 60A
    Recommended Propeller (inch): CN15*5.5/ CN17*6.2/ C18/ C20
    Recommended Take-Off Weight of Single Axis: ≤1500g


    • 340KV brushless motor is designed for long-flight time multi-rotors. These motors can produce enough torque at low RPM and work at peak efficiency during flight.
    • With the guarantee of strength, the caps of brushless motors are highly hollow-cutted to save weight, so these motors can reach the maximum thrust-to-weight ratio and gain more flight time.
    • The brushless drone motor series uses a patented Stepped and knurled design that not only efficiently prevents motors from getting loose, but also reduces the probability of malfunction and unstable output power.

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    340KV brushless motor dimension

    Tips: How long do 340KV brushless motors on drones last?

    If you are looking for a motor with a long life expectancy, consider a brushless motor. Brush motors have a lifespan limited by the type of brush and can average 1000 to 3000 hours, while 340KV brushless motors can average tens of thousands of hours because there is no brush wear.

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