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    2.2 kW Air Cooled CNC Spindle Motor, 18000 rpm, ER20

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    18000 rpm high speed spindle motor with 2.2kW power, 3 phase 380V AC voltage, 1.1 Nm torque, 300Hz, ER20 collet, air cooled of cooling method, is special designed for CNC router.
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    2.2kW CNC spindle motor for sale at factory price, 18000 rpm speed, 1.1 Nm torque, 300Hz frequency, 3 phase 380V AC operating voltage, ER20 (φ3.175 mm - φ13 mm) collet.


    • Spindle motor with air cooling fan and ER20 collet ensures smooth running.
    • Fast response, strong overload capacity, low noise and high mechanical precision.
    • High quality 4 pcs bearings (7005Cx2 + 7002Cx2), runout off less than 0.01mm, tapered bore less than 0.005mm.
    • P4 grade ceramic ball bearings used as spindle bearing, which improves the service life under high speed revolution.
    • Lubricated with grease, which is resistant to 200 degrees high temperature.
    • Tight sealing and two-layer dustproof design.


    This series air-cooled electric spindle motors mainly match with variable frequency drives or engraving machines, CNC router machine, and used for high speed profiling, drilling, cutting, engraving and groove milling of wood, metal, plastics, foam, rubber and other materials.

    Note: The spindle motor and VFD shall be suitable with each other. The specifications and parameter settings of the VFD shall match the nominal parameters of the spindle motor. Otherwise, it will burn the spindle motor if the settings are not correct.


    Model STF47-82-2.2
    Matched VFD Model GK3000-4T0037G (5 hp three phase VFD)
    GK3000-CS0037 (5 hp 1-phase 220V to 3-phase 380V VFD)
    Power 2.2 kW
    Phase Three phase
    Speed 18000 rpm
    Voltage 3-phase 380V±10% AC
    Current 4.8A
    Frequency 300Hz
    Torque 1.1 Nm
    Number of Pole 2 poles
    Cooling Type Air-cooled
    Installation Method Horizontally or Vertically (When the motor is installed, the radial runout standard is required to be within 5um, and the chuck is generally 10um-15um.)
    Lubrication Grease
    Thermal Class Class F
    Protection Class IP50
    Certification CE
    Warranty Bearings for half a year, other parts for one year
    Joint of Nose ER20 (φ3.175 mm - φ13 mm)
    Bearings Type 7005C P4*2 & 7002C P4*2
    Application Woodworking & Plastic
    Weight 7.5 kg
    PDFDownload Attachments 2.2kW Air Cooled Spindle Motor CAD Drawings



    2200W Air Cooled CNC Spindle Motor 18000rpm Details

    Tips: 3-step Inspection Before Starting High-speed Spindle Motor

    1. Check whether the screws of the spindle motor are tightened, whether the bearing is short of oil, whether the wiring meets the requirements, and whether the housing is reliably grounded or zeroed.
    2. Check whether the screws and pins of the coupling are tight, whether the belt connection is good, whether the tightness is appropriate, whether the unit rotates flexibly, whether there is jamming, movement, abnormal sound, etc.
    3. Check whether the three-phase power supply voltage is normal, whether the voltage is too high or low, or whether the three-phase voltage pair is asymmetric.

    All necessary inspections must be in place. Only in this way can errors in operation be reduced, damage to high-speed spindle motors can be reduced, and the safety of operators should be ensured accordingly.

    Safety Tips for Using ATO CNC Spindle Motors

    1. The electric spindle motor and VFD shall be suitable with each other. The specifications and parameter settings of the VFD shall match the nominal parameters of the spindle motor, and it will burn the spindle motor if the settings are not correct.

    2. Before using water-cooled spindle motor, it shall ensure that cooling cycle system works normally and the running under no cooling conditions is prohibited. The volume of cooling water is calculated as per 1 liter/minute, the minimum flow of cooling water is not less than 5 liter/minute, cooling water pipe and the nozzle shall be connected reliably and there is no leakage.

    3. The cooling liquid shall be clean and free of grease and the temperature shall be within 5-30℃. The cooling medium shall carry out force cooling when the ambient temperature is higher than 30℃. The precision lathe requires the cooling liquid with a constant temperature of 20 +/-2℃.

    4. During storage and transport of the spindle motor, the status of high-speed grease inside the bearing will change. The user shall run it at a low speed first by starting from the lowest speed of the spindle motor for 30 minutes and then 20 minutes for every 3000 rounds. Otherwise there will have abnormal sound, noise, heat and other phenomena, which will affect the bearing life if the spindle motor is started directly at a high speed. During long term storage, the spindle motor shall run (at low speed) for 15-30 minutes once a week at least.

    5. Collet, nut and inner taper hole shall be washed clean when installing blades on the spindle motor in order to avoid any impact on the precision. The blade handle shall be inserted into the collet more than 15mm.

    6. For daily machining, the spindle motor shall be warmed up, run for 15-20 minutes when the machining speed is reached and then performs precise machining. It is better to stop the spindle motor for two hours every day in order to recover its mechanical fatigue and prolong its life time.

    7. No knocking the end cover of the spindle motor. No hammering the collet and blade head when removing blades. No shocking or colliding during transport, storage and using, especially the end of the spindle motor.

    8. The spindle motor shall run in designated direction.

    9. The spindle motor shall be installed and fixed according to the relevant drawings and instructions.

    10. The temperature shall be within 22-25℃ if water cooling machine is used.

    11. The spindle motor adopts vapor lock and the gas source shall not be used until it has passed oil-water separator and dry filter. The air pressure is 0.2-0.25Mpa and the filtering precision is 5μm, otherwise there will cause damages to the bearing.

    Existing reviews of 2.2 kW Air Cooled CNC Spindle Motor, 18000 rpm, ER20
    A way to wire physical E-stop of spindle motor
    Instead of using the analog command, my team decided to use communication through the RS-485 port. We are able to communicate run, stop, and change frequency commands.
    The problem that we are facing now is that our emergency stop is no longer working (it doesn't actually stop the motor). The E-stop is wired between FWD and COM and works when we are in the terminal command mode.
    Is there a way to wire up a physical E-stop while we are in communication control mode?
    From: vivian | Date: 09/05/2023
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    ATO Responded
    In this case, you can use the multi-function terminal of the VFD to define an external fault signal to trigger the given VFD, the operation is as follows:
    Please set P4.00=18 (external fault signal input) to define multi-function terminal X1 as fault signal input. Connect the emergency stop switch (contact NO) to the X1 terminal and the COM terminal.
    Please set P4.01=17 (external fault signal reset), define multi-function terminal X2 as fault reset signal. Connect push button self-reset switch (contact NO) to X2 terminal and COM terminal.
    When you press the E-stop switch, the fault signal input is triggered, and the VFD displays the fault signal E-13; when you press the reset signal button switch, the fault signal is cleared, and the RS485 signal is used normally.
    Spindle motor accessories
    Do you provide cables / connectors to connect your CNC spindle motor with your VFD?
    From: Shay | Date: 25/10/2021
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    ATO Responded
    We do not provide cables, but we will provide the cables-connectors, and the female connector, so you just need to solder the cables.
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