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    5 hp (3.7 kW) VFD, 3 Phase 230V, 400V, 480V

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    Favorable price 5 hp (3.7 / 4 kW) VFD, three phase 230V, 400V, 480V, high performance vector variable frequency drive, IP20 enclosure, RS485 enabled, brand new direct sale by manufacturer.
    SKU: GK3000-4T0037G
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    5 hp (3.7/4 kW) variable frequency drive, three phase 230V, 400V, 480V for selection, manufacturer direct sale.

    Basics Model GK3000-4T0037G/ GK3000-2T0037G
    Capacity 5 hp (3.7 kW)
    Shipping weight 3 kg
    Dimension 236*130*176 mm
    I/O Feature Rated current 9A at 380V ~ 480V, 13A at 220V ~ 240V
    Input voltage 3 phase 230V /400V /480V AC ±15% (Optional)
    Input frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz
    Output voltage 3 phase AC 0~input voltage
    Output frequency 0Hz~1000Hz
    Over load capacity 150% of rated current for 1 minute, 180% of rated current for 3 seconds
    Control Feature Control mode V/F control;
    Sensorless vector control;
    Communication RS485
    Speed regulation 1:100
    Start torque 150% of rating torque at 1 Hz
    Speed control accuracy ≤±0.5% of rating synchronous speed
    Frequency precision Digital setting: max frequency x± 0.01%;
    Analog setting: max frequency x± 0.2%
    Frequency resolution Analog setting: 0.1% of max frequency;
    Digital setting: 0.01Hz
    Torque boost Automatic torque boost, manual torque boost 0.1%~30.0%
    Interior PID controller Be convenient to make closed-loop system
    Automatic energy save running Optimize V/F curve automatically based on the load to realize power save running
    Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) Can keep constant output voltage when power source voltage varies.
    Automatic current limiting Limit running current automatically to avoid frequent over-current which will cause trip
    Environment Enclosure rating IP 20
    Temperature –10℃~ +40℃; VFD will be derated if ambient temperature exceed 40℃; each rise 1℃, the derate will be 5%
    Humidity 5%-95%, without condensation
    Altitude ≤1000m; VFD will be derated if above 1000m
    Impingement and oscillation Normal running:<5.9m/s2 (0.6g); Transportation:<15m/s2 (1.5g)
    Store environment –20℃~ +60℃; no dust, no corrosive gas, no direct sunlight


    3700W Three Phase VFD Details

    Tips: Variable Frequency Drive Overvoltage
    Overvoltage alarm is generally present at downtime, the main reason is that the deceleration time is too short or the braking resistor and the braking unit are problematic. For example, a 5hp VFD displays "OU" when shutdown. Before repairing the VFD, should make sure the reason for "OU" alarm is what. Here is because during the VFD deceleration, the speed of the motor rotor winding cutting the rotation magnetic field becomes fast, the rotor electromotive force and current increases, so that the motor is in power generation state. The feedback energy flows to DC part through the diode, which connects in parallel with high-power switch tube in inverting part, and finally causes by DC bus voltage increase. So, should focus on checking the brake circuit. After measuring the discharge resistance, find there's no problem. In the measurement of the brake tube find it breakdown. Replace it and power on, even fast parking have no problem.

    Existing reviews of 5 hp (3.7 kW) VFD, 3 Phase 230V, 400V, 480V
    We just received 6 new 5hp VFDs and installed them this weekend, we came in yesterday one AHU had a E-12 Failure on the drive, and Leg 1 is only putting out less than 50 Volts.
    From: Isaac | Date: 23/11/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Are the 6 VFDs you purchased connected to the Air Handling Unit?  Our VFD can only be connected to the motor, and it is Not recommended to connect to the AHU.
    We would like to alter the program of VFD
    We have a GK3000-4T0037G VFD.
    We would like to alter the program so we can run at different speeds, but we are not sure how to do this.
    Could you please follow up with some steps?
    We looked through the manual but are still having trouble.
    From: vikia | Date: 17/07/2023
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    ATO Responded
    1. Please provide us with the order number to further confirm what product you purchased. We hope to provide you with better service.
    2. Please refer to the quick setup manual and video to set up the inverter.
    3 questions about this VFD
    I am trying to get it to communicate vis Modbus RTU. I can read from the VFD but I can't write to it. These are the parameters I have set
    P0.01 4
    P0.02 0
    P0.03 2
    P0.06 70
    P0.17 5
    P0.18 5
    P0.19 70
    P3.09 163
    P3.10 100
    P4.00 11
    P8.01 100
    Do I have to have a jumper in place on the terminals for the VFD to run? Also, the LOCAL light is flashing on the front of the VFD, why? Do you have any ideas why I can't write to it?
    From: Glack | Date: 09/03/2023
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    ATO Responded
    1. We confirm that the parameter settings of the VFD are correct. You don't need to set a jumper on the terminal to make the VFD run, but you have to send the run command to the VFD by writing the command. Also, you need to write the running frequency into the address 2001H, then you can run the VFD directly through 485 communication.
    2. The LOCAL light on the front of the VFD is blinking, which means that the VFD is controlled to start and stop through 485 communication.
    3. May I ask what type of controller you use to send the command 485 communication command? PC or PLC? You can refer to VFD's introduction to the RTU mode command (P167) in the attached manual.
    VFD recommended by ATO
    I am attaching you the details requested by you.
    Ok, what is your 1-phase motor rated voltage and current?
    230V, 1-Ph, 50Hz, 5 A. Motor Wattage: 1100 W
    And what is your 1-phase supply voltage?
    230 V, 1 ph supply available
    Do let me know if you require any more details.
    From: Reeve | Date: 25/09/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Ok, recommended VFD model: GK3000-1S0015, 2hp capacity.
    See its specs/price, and you can order online by credit card at:
    Do you provide replacement parts?
    Is it possible to order replacement part of aproduct purchased from you 2 years ago?
    From: Rklein | Date: 20/07/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, sure. we provide the replacement parts.
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