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    7.5 hp (5.5 kW) VFD, 3 Phase 208V, 380V, 480V

    7.5 hp (5.5 kW) VFD with wholesale price, 3 phase 208V/380V/480V 50Hz/60Hz for option, heavy duty variable frequency drive, 14 amps, strong overload capacity, manufacturer direct sale.
    SKU: GK3000-4T0055G
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    7.5 hp heavy duty variable frequency drive, three phase 50Hz/60Hz 208V /380V /480V ±15%, brand new direct sale by manufacturer.


    Basics Model GK3000-4T0055G
    Capacity 7.5 hp (5.5 kW)
    Shipping weight 6.5 kg
    Dimension 280*181*183 mm
    I/O Feature Rated current 14 A
    Input voltage 3 phase 208V /380V /480V AC ±15% (Optional)
    Input frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz
    Output voltage 3 phase AC 0~input voltage
    Output frequency 0.00~400.00Hz
    Over load capacity 150% of rated current for 1 minute, 180% of rated current for 3 seconds
    Control Feature Control mode V/F control;
    Sensorless vector control;
    Communication RS485
    Speed regulation 1:100
    Start torque 150% of rating torque at 1 Hz
    Speed control accuracy ≤±0.5% of rating synchronous speed
    Frequency precision Digital setting: max frequency x± 0.01%;
    Analog setting: max frequency x± 0.2%
    Frequency resolution Analog setting: 0.1% of max frequency;
    Digital setting: 0.01Hz
    Torque boost Automatic torque boost, manual torque boost 0.1%~30.0%
    Interior PID controller Be convenient to make closed-loop system
    Automatic energy save running Optimize V/F curve automatically based on the load to realize power save running
    Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) Can keep constant output voltage when power source voltage varies.
    Automatic current limiting Limit running current automatically to avoid frequent over-current which will cause trip
    Environment Enclosure rating IP 20
    Temperature –10℃~ +40℃; VFD will be derated if ambient temperature exceed 40℃; each rise 1℃, the derate will be 5%
    Humidity 5%-95%, without condensation
    Altitude ≤1000m; VFD will be derated if above 1000m
    Impingement and oscillation Normal running:<5.9m/s2 (0.6g); Transportation:<15m/s2 (1.5g)
    Store environment –20℃~ +60℃; no dust, no corrosive gas, no direct sunlight

    Tips: Variable frequency drive fault static test method
    For a faulty VFD, power off the device and test its rectification and inversion part, in most cases the fault can be found this way. Pay attention that VFD cannot be measured immediately after power off, because there are large capacitors store with hundreds of volts of high voltage. The testing only can be launched more than ten minutes later. In order ensure personal safety, the operator must ensure that the machine is off, and the power input lines R/S/T and output lines U/V/W are removed.
    Static test method
    First turn the multimeter to "diode", and then use the multimeter's red and black pens to detect according to the following steps:

    1. Use black pen to touch the DC bus P (+), and the red pen touch R/S/T in turn, record the displayed values; and then the red pen touch N (-), black pen touch R/S/T, record the displayed values. If the six displayed values are balance, then the VFD diode rectifier or soft start resistance have no problem, otherwise the rectifier module or soft start resistance from the corresponding position is damaged.
    2. Use red pen touch the DC bus P (+), and the black pen touch U/V/W in turn, record the displayed values; and then the black pen touch N (-), red pen touch U/V/W, record the displayed values. If the six displayed values are balance, then the IGBT inverter module has no problem, otherwise the IGBT inverter module of the corresponding location is damaged.
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