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    2 hp Self Priming Centrifugal Pump, 2 Pole

    The 2 hp self priming water pump body is made of high quality FRPP/PVDF, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance and structural strength of the pump. Its high efficiency motor ensures economical and efficient operation, making it an environmentally friendly choice to meet your pumping needs.
    SKU: ATO-SPB-40022
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    Cost-effective self priming water pump with 2 hp motor, its flexible design and compatibility with various liquids make it suitable for a variety of industries including agriculture, construction, manufacturing and more.


    • Model: ATO-JKB-40022
    • Power: 2 hp (1500W)
    • Inlet: 40mm
    • Outlet: 40mm
    • Max Head: 15m (50Hz), 18m (60Hz)
    • Max Capacity: 250m L/min (50Hz), 320 L/min (60Hz)
    • Pole: 2 Pole
    • Pump Body Material: F-FRPP/P-PVDF
    • Weight: 25kg

    Dimension (unit: mm)

    Self priming pump dimension

    Model A B C D E F G H I L
    ATO-JKB-40022 140.5 200 298.5 265 147.5 202 250 250.5 81 673


    Self priming pump curves


    Self priming centrifugal pump installation


    Self-priming pump is a special type of centrifugal pump that has the ability to self-prime and operate normally without the need for liquid filling. Self-priming pumps are widely used in industrial drainage, water supply to high-rise buildings, garden irrigation, boosting fire protection systems, and circulating HVAC refrigeration.

    Self priming pump applications

    Tips: How does a self-priming pump work?

    A self-priming pump is a type of pump that is capable of drawing and moving fluid without the need for external priming. It is designed to eliminate the need for manual priming or the use of additional equipment to remove air or gases from the pumping system.

    The functioning of a self-priming pump relies on a combination of centrifugal force and the presence of an air-water mixture within the pump casing. When the pump is initially started, it creates a spinning motion within the casing, generating centrifugal force. This force helps to separate the air and water within the pump.

    As the impeller rotates, the centrifugal force pushes the water outward, while the air, being lighter, moves towards the center of the impeller. This separation of air and water creates a partial vacuum within the pump casing. The vacuum causes atmospheric pressure to force water into the suction pipe and ultimately into the pump.

    Once the air is expelled and the pump is filled with water, the self-priming pump can operate like a standard centrifugal pump, continuously drawing water from the source and moving it through the system.

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