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    2000W Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, 24V/48V/96V

    The 2000W vertical-axis home wind turbine is meticulously crafted to deliver optimal power output with minimal input. It is available in three voltage options, 24V, 48V, or 96V. ATO's three-blade horizontal-axis wind turbine provides a cost-effective and practical solution for harnessing renewable energy.
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    The 2000-watt vertical axis wind turbine is crafted using premium materials, ensuring its resilience against even the most severe weather conditions. Requiring minimal maintenance, these turbines promise years of dependable power generation.


    Model ATO-X9-2000
    Rated Power 2000W
    Rated Voltage 24V/48V/96V
    With Controller ATO-FM4820
    Start Up Wind Speed 2m/s
    Rated Wind Speed 12m/s
    Survival Wind Speed 50m/s
    Wind Wheel Diameter/Height 0.5m/1.5m
    Number of Blades 3
    Blades Material Nylon
    Fuselage Material Aluminum alloy
    Magnetic Steel NdFeB
    Generator Type Three-phase AC permanent magnetically suspended generators
    Controller System Electromagnetic brakes
    Speed Regulation 360° Automatically Adjust Windard
    Installation Flange DN80
    Degree of protection IP54
    Gross Weight 120kg
    Package Dimension 1065*520*570mm (Generator)+ 2100*360*505mm (Blade)

    (Unit: mm)


    1500-2000W vertical axis wind turbine dimension

    Tips: How loud are vertical axis wind turbines?

    Vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) are generally considered to be quieter compared to their horizontal axis counterparts (HAWTs). This is primarily because VAWTs operate at lower rotational speeds and feature a simpler, more compact design. Nonetheless, the noise produced by a VAWT is contingent on several factors, including the turbine's size and shape, wind speed, and the local environment.

    Research indicates that VAWTs can generate noise levels ranging from 45 to 60 decibels (dB) when measured at a distance of 100 meters. This is akin to the noise level of a typical conversation or light traffic. However, it's important to note that specific VAWT designs and operational conditions can lead to variations in these noise levels.

    In general, VAWT noise becomes more of a concern in urban or residential areas where stringent noise regulations are in place and nearby residents might be disrupted by the sound. To address noise-related issues, VAWTs can be sited in regions with lower population density or be equipped with noise-reducing features like acoustic enclosures or blade modifications.

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