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    200A Tig Miller Welder AC DC 110V/220V

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    Miller welder for sale, 200 amps dual voltage AC DC inverter stick welder, for accurate aluminum welding, frequency 50/60 Hz, automatic dual frequency, 110V and 220V are available. It is perfect, high quality and low price welder.
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    Miller tig mig welder offers user a simple array of controls to accurately set the welder to perform under a wide variety of situations. Its square-wave inverter enables accurate welding of fine aluminum. It allows user to easily switch from 220V to 110V with the included plug adapter, and produces AC/DC 200 amps for TIG and STICK welding.


    Model ATO-WM-TIG200ACDC
    Output Power AC/DC
    Input Voltage 110V/220V, +/15%, 1-PH, 50Hz/60Hz
    Input Current 15A 110V
    30A 220V
    Output Current 10-200A AC/DC
    Power 5.7 kVA
    Power Factor 0.73
    Duty Cycle at 40℃(104℉) 60% at 150A110V
    100% at 110A110V
    60% at 190A220V
    100% at 150A220V
    Dimension 711mm*330mm*432mm
    Weight 26.3kg
    Cutting Materials Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, etc
    Welding Thickness 6mm
    Gas Supply Clean, Dry, Oil-Free Argon
    Color Red
    Warranty 12 Months

    1. 200 Amp AC/DC square-wave inverter TIG/STICK (MMA) welder.
    2. Automatic dual voltage/dual frequency (110/220Volt 50/60Hz).
    3. High Frequency start hand torch control and precise foot pedal welding heat control.
    4. Suitable for welding stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and other metal materials.

    Packing List
    1. TIG torch TT132 (13ft long, 2 pin connection). Stick welding electrode holder (9ft long).
    2. Ground cable & clamp (6ft long). Argon hose (4ft long). Argon regulator AR03.
    3. Foot pedal FP23 (3 prong connection). User Manual.
    4. TIG torch accessories similar to model TA01 (includes: 2 pieces of shield cups, 2 collets, 1 collet body and 1 DC tungsten electrode.)

    AC DC Miller Welder 110 220V Structure

    Miller welder structure

    Tips: Miller Welder Advantages
    The miller welder uses electric energy to convert electric energy into heat energy instantaneously. The electric welding is very common. The miller mig weldere is suitable for working in a dry environment. It does not require too much demand. It is small in size, simple in operation, convenient to use, fast in speed, and welded after welding. The advantages of seam strength and so on are widely used in various fields, especially for parts requiring high strength. It can be used for the permanent connection of the same metal material (may also connect dissimilar metals, but different welding methods). After heat treatment, it has the same strength as the base material and is well sealed, which solves the problem of sealing and strength for the manufacture of storage gas and liquid containers.

    Existing reviews of 200A Tig Miller Welder AC DC 110V/220V
    Nice tig welder miller for the price
    I highly recommend ATO-WM-200TIGACDC, the function is very good, I hope this review can help more people, welder is a 50-60hz fixed frequency machine, which is not only a welding machine suitable for long-term work reliability, but also A great home welder. This is a great TIG machine for those who want to enter TIG on a tight budget.
    From: Jonick | Date: 21/07/2019
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