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    25 amp 2/4 pole Lighting Contactor, 24V/110V/220V Coil

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    2 pole & 4 pole Lighting contactors are relay switches, offer 25 amp, 100,000 cycles, optional auxiliary contacts and 12V/24V DC, 220V/110V AC coil voltage. Low noise and long life, operate at a safer load. AC contactor price is low. Magnetic contactor used to control lighting systems, supplies for home, large-scale industrial and commercial.
    SKU: ATO-LCON-25
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    25 amp lighting contactor with 100,000 cycles provides reliable and convenient lighting control, 12V/24V/220V/110V coil voltage, 2 pole /4 pole household ac contactor with low noise and extra life, magnetic contactor operates at a safer load, perfect for large-scale industrial and commercial.


    Model ATO-WCT-25
    Power Circuit
    Voltage rating (Ue) 2P 250V AC
    4P 400V AC
    Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
    Endurance (O-C)
    Electrical 100,000 cycles
    Maximum number of switching operation a day 100
    Additional Characteristics
    Insulation voltage (Ui) 500V AC
    Pollution degree 2
    Rated impulse withstand voltage (Uimp) 2.5kv (4 kV for 12/24/48V AC)
    Degree of protection
    (IEC 60529)
    Device only IP20
    Device in modular enclosure IP40
    Operating temperature -5℃ to 60+℃
    Storage temperature -40℃ to 70+℃
    Tropicalization ( IEC 60068-1) Treatment 2 ( relative humidity 95% at 55℃ )
    ELSV compliance (Extra Low Safety Voltage) for 12/24/48 V AC versions
    The product control conforms to the SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) requirements

    Lighting Contactor Wiring Test: Demonstrating Operation

    A lighting contactor is an electrical device used to control the operation of lighting systems, typically in commercial or industrial settings. It is designed to handle the high current demands of lighting circuits and provide a convenient way to switch multiple lighting loads on and off. The video will conduct a wiring test of the lighting contactor to demonstrate its operational principles.

    Note: In the case of contactor mounting in an enclosure for which the interior temperature is in range between 50℃ and 60°℃, it is necessary to use a spacer, between each contactor.


    Type Raring (In) Control Voltage
    (V AC) (50Hz)
    Consumption Max Power
    AC7a AC7b Holding Inrush
    2P 25A 8.5A 24 3.8VA 15VA 1.3W
    48 3.8VA 15VA 1.3W
    220 3.8VA 15VA 1.3W
    230-240 2.7VA 9.2VA 1.3W
    220 3.8VA 15VA 1.3W
    230-240 2.7VA 9.2VA 1.3W
    4P 24 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W
    220-240 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W
    24 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W
    220-240 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W
    220-240 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W

    Contact Type Diagram

     2NO 1NO+2NC 2NO contact type diagram4NC 2N0+2NC 4NO 3NO+1NC contact type diagram

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Lighting Contactor Dimension


    25 amp Lighting Contactor Details

    Tips: The Key of Household Contactor

    The key of household contactors is to frequently connect or disconnect, DC circuits, with large control volume, long-distance actual operation, and mutual cooperation with automobile relays can complete the actual operation on time, interlock control, various quantitative analysis control and process Pressure and undervoltage. Household contactors are widely used in fully automatic control power circuits. Its key control target is the motor. It can also be used to control other power engineering loads, such as electric water heaters, lighting fixtures, DC welding machines, capacitor banks, etc. The lighting contactor can be an AC contactor for household appliances.

    Existing reviews of 25 amp 2/4 pole Lighting Contactor, 24V/110V/220V Coil
    Multiple voltages available
    One of the standout features of this lighting contactor is its versatility when it comes to coil voltage options. The ability to choose between 24V, 110V, or 220V coil voltage is a significant advantage, making it adaptable to a wide range of electrical systems. This flexibility ensures that the contactor can be integrated into various setups without compatibility issues.
    From: Eleutheria | Date: 30/10/2023
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    Satisfied with this 25 amp lighting contactor
    I'm very satisfied with this product. This is a great 25 amp contactor that I use for my lighting systems. I've been using it for five months now and haven't found any problems.
    From: Manatee | Date: 02/11/2022
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    That's what I wanted.
    25 amp contactor engages quietly and holds in with no buzzing. It's a very good contactor for DIYers. That's what I wanted.
    From: Brumberg | Date: 24/10/2022
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    Lighting contactor for water heater
    This is the relay I used for my water heater project and I am impressed with the quality of this contactor. It's made of very sturdy material and works fine.
    From: Dimitrije | Date: 07/05/2022
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    Works correctly
    Good electrical accessories! The contactor works correctly. I am grateful that it solved the problem of the lighting systems in home automation for me.
    From: Mcilraith | Date: 25/04/2022
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