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    2.5 kW 12V Hydraulic Pump Motor, 2200rpm

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    12V hydraulic pump motor is 2.5 kW, rated speed 2200rpm, rated torque 10.8Nm, 12V DC motor can be used in lifting equipment, dump truck, snow remonal vehicle. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight and low noise.
    SKU: ATO-HM-MDN1142
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    Low price 2.5 kW hydraulic pump motor, 12V DC motor, rated current 180 amps, 10.8Nm torque, 2500rpm rted speed. Manufacturer direct sale, and free shipping.


    Model ATO-HM-MDN1142
    Rated Voltage 12V DC
    Power 2.5 kW
    Rated Current 280A
    Ratation Speed 2200 RPM
    Ratation Direction CW
    Torque 10.8 Nm
    Protection Degree IP54
    Duty S2=2 MIN S3=7.5%ED
    Weight 12 kg
    Warranty 12 Months

    Dimension (Unit=mm)
     12V hydraulic pump motor dimensionTorque Curve
    12V 2 hp dc motor torque curve
    Hydraulic pump motor applications


    2500W Hydraulic Pump Motor Details

    Tips: What is Difference Between Hydraulic Pump and Hydraulic Motor?
    1. Hydraulic pump is the energy device, while hydraulic motor is the executive component. Hydraulic pump is to convert the mechanical energy of the motor into hydraulic energy conversion device, output flow and pressure, hydraulic motor is to convert the liquid pressure energy into mechanical energy device, output torque and speed.
    2. The steering of the output shaft of the hydraulic motor must be able to turn forward and reverse, so its structure is symmetrical, and some hydraulic pump (such as gear pump, blade pump, etc.) steering has clear provisions, can only one-way rotation, can not change the direction of rotation at will.
    3. Besides the inlet and outlet, the hydraulic motor also has separate oil leakage outlet. Hydraulic pump generally only into, out of the oil mouth (except axial plunger pump), its internal leakage of oil and oil mouth connected.
    4. The volumetric efficiency of hydraulic motor is lower than that of hydraulic pump.
    5. Usually the working speed of hydraulic pump is relatively high, and the output speed of hydraulic motor is low. In addition, the gear pump oil suction mouth, oil discharge mouth i
    s small, and the gear hydraulic motor suction, oil discharge mouth size is the same.

    Existing reviews of 2.5 kW 12V Hydraulic Pump Motor, 2200rpm
    I really like this 2.5kW hydraulic pump motor
    I really like this 12V hydraulic pump motor because it runs perfectly on the crane without any problems. Buying it will not make us regret it.
    From: Peterk | Date: 05/08/2021
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