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    2.8 kW 24V Hydraulic Pump Motor, 2200rpm

    2.8 kW hydraulic pump motor for lippert leveling systems, 24V DC motor, rated speed is 2200RPM, 12Nm high torque DC motor is widely used in dump trailer, hay spear, agricultural machinery and industrial machinery.
    SKU: ATO-HM-MDN1242
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    24V hydraulic pump motor with current 150A, high torque motor rated speed is 2200rpm, 12Nm, High efficiency, low noise and long service life.


    Model ATO-HM-MDN1242
    Rated Voltage 24V DC
    Power 2.8 kW
    Rated Current 150A
    Ratation Speed 2200 RPM
    Ratation Direction CW
    Torque 12 Nm
    Protection Degree IP54
    Duty S2=2 MIN S3=7.5%ED
    Weight 12 kg
    Warranty 12 Months

    Dimension (Unit=mm)
    2 HP hydraulic pump motor dimension

    Torque Curve
    12V 2 hp dc motor torque curve
    High Torque DC Motor Applications
    Hydraulic pump motor applications


    2800W Hydraulic Pump Motor Details

    Tips: How to Choose a Hydraulic Pump?

    1. Hydraulic pump pressure
    The working pressure of the hydraulic pump refers to the pressure at which the pump (or motor) outputs (or inputs) the oil during actual operation, which is determined by the external load.

    Rated pressure is the highest pressure that can be continuously operated according to the test standards under normal working conditions. The size is limited by the life, and if it exceeds the rated pressure, the life of the pump (or motor) will be shorter than the design life. When the working pressure is greater than the rated pressure, it is called overload.

    2. Speed
    The working speed refers to the actual rotational speed of the pump (or motor) during operation.
    The rated speed is the maximum speed that can run normally for a long time under the rated pressure. If the pump exceeds the rated speed, it will cause insufficient oil absorption, vibration and large noise, and the parts will suffer from cavitation damage and the life will be reduced.

    The minimum stable speed is the minimum speed allowed for normal operation of the motor. At this speed, the motor does not creep.

    3. Displacement, flow
    Displacement refers to the volume of discharged (or input) liquid obtained by changing the geometry of the sealed cavity per revolution of the pump (or motor). The common unit is ml/r (ml/rev). The displacement can be changed into a variable pump (or variable motor), and the displacement can not be changed into a dosing pump (or a quantitative motor).

    Actual flow is the flow at the outlet (or at the inlet) when the pump (or motor) is operating. Since the pump itself has an internal leak, its actual flow is less than the theoretical flow. Since the motor itself also has internal leakage, to achieve the specified speed, in order to compensate for the leakage, the actual flow input must be greater than the theoretical flow.

    4. Efficiency
    Volumetric efficiency, the hydraulic pump refers to the ratio of its actual flow to the theoretical flow. For hydraulic motors, the ratio of the theoretical flow to the actual flow.

    Mechanical efficiency, the hydraulic pump refers to the ratio of its theoretical torque to the actual input torque. The torque actually output to the hydraulic motor is the torque after the theoretical torque overcomes the friction force, so the mechanical efficiency is the ratio of the actual output torque to the theoretical torque.

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