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    3 Inch Brass Gate Valve, DN80

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    The 3 inch flange gate valve is mainly used as a cut-off medium in the pipeline, suitable for tap water, non-corrosive liquids, saturated steam and other media. Brass gate valve nominal pressure 1.6MPa, nominal diameter DN 80mm. Ergonomically designed tough handwheel, 360° rotatable, easy to operate.
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    Brass gate valve with threaded bonnet and flange structure, diameter DN 80mm, pressure 1.6MPa. 3" brass gate valves are widely used in heating, air conditioning, water, sanitary systems and oil pipelines.


    • Model: ATO-BY-101180
    • Nominal Pressure: 1.6MPa
    • Nominal Diameter: 3 Inch (80mm)
    • Body Material:  HPb59-1 copper
    • Applicable Temperature:-10°C≤T≤120°C
    • Working Medium: Water, heating
    • Number of Gates: Single gate
    • Mode of Action: Single action
    • Weight: 8.3kg


    • The 80mm brass gate valve adopts a thickened all-copper valve body, which has strong pressure resistance, one-piece molding, uniform wall thickness, and high wear resistance.
    • The spheroidal ink handwheel can be rotated 360° for easy operation, saving time and effort, and has a wide range of applications.
    • Standard thickness flange connection, with strong pressure resistance, good sealing, and durability.
    • The 3-inch flanged gate valve is smooth and non-scaling, and the polishing treatment is practical and non-clogging.

    Dimension (Unit mm)

    Brass gate valve dimension


    • L: 147mm
    • H: 189mm
    • D: 160mm
    • D1: 145mm
    • N-φD: 8-φ18mm


    Brass gate valve installation


    Brass gate valves are suitable for water, oil, gas, steam, and other media. It is widely used in chemical equipment, industrial equipment, drainage equipment, paper-making equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, electric power equipment, and mining equipment.

    Brass gate valve applications

    Tips: What are the 2 types of gate valves?

    The gate valve can be divided into two categories: open bar gate and flat gate. The open form of the open bar gate has a single bar hanging type and a double bar hanging type. The flat plate type has various forms of wedge blocks and wedge blocks with lock nuts. Cast iron flat steel gates are widely used in water supply, drainage, fire-fighting systems and oil supply systems, and are generally operated by handwheels and handles, or by gearing through a transmission device that drives a screw to achieve the purpose of opening and closing. Cast iron plane arch cast iron panel plane sliding support can withstand a certain reverse pressure thrust and shear force and normal work can. Widely used in the petroleum industry for various specifications of oil refinery pipe connections and transport fluid pipelines used to cut off the medium with sealing elements and special requirements of the equipment parts, etc.

    Existing reviews of 3 Inch Brass Gate Valve, DN80
    3 inch brass gate valves are well constructed
    I purchased two inch brass gate valves for my irrigation system and I am very pleased with their performance. The brass gate valves are well constructed and operate smoothly, allowing me to easily control the flow of water to different areas of the garden.
    From: Raymond | Date: 08/03/2023
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