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    3 Phase Current Transformer, 50/5A, 75/5A, 100/5A

    3 Phase current transformer available in three variations: 50/5A, 75/5A, and 100/5A, accuracy is available in 0.5 or 1.5. With a 20mm cable aperture and a base plate screw fixing mechanism. With a power capacity of up to 50KW, this current transformers are well-suited for a broad spectrum of applications.
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    Choose from different current ratios 50/5A, 75/5A, and 100/5A to tailor the transformer to your specific needs. three phase current transformer boast a 20mm cable aperture for easy installation, accommodating different setups effortlessly. With a power capacity of 50KW, they are well-suited for a wide range of applications.


    • Aesthetically Pleasing Design: the product has an aesthetically pleasing design and contributes to an overall sophisticated look.
    • Convenient Wiring: Designed with user convenience in mind, the product offers a wiring system that is easy to manage, reducing the complexity of installation.
    • Transparent Polycarbonate Housing: The choice of transparent polycarbonate as the housing material not only increases the durability of the product, but this transparency facilitates inspection and maintenance.
    • Space-Efficient AC Current Signal Acquisition: Acting as an AC current signal acquisition component, the product minimizes the required installation space for current transformers.


    Model ATO-AKH-0.66/Z-20
    Current Ratio 50/5A 75/5A 100/5A
    Accuracy 0.5 1.5 1.5
    Cable Aperture 20mm
    Power 50KW
    Installation Base plate screw fixing
    Housing Material Transparent Polycarbonate

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Three Phase current transformers, 50/5A, 75/5A, 100/5A dimension

    External Size Mounting Size Perforation Size
    W H D Φ M N
    138 52 34 20 159 148


    Three phase current transformers application

    Tips: Why was transparent polycarbonate chosen as the housing material?

    • Visibility and Inspection: Transparent polycarbonate provides a clear view of the internal components of the transformer. This transparency allows for visual inspection without the need to open the housing, facilitating easier maintenance, troubleshooting, and visual verification of the transformer's condition.
    • Durability: Polycarbonate for impact resistance and durability
    • Corrosion Resistance: Polycarbonate is inherently resistant to corrosion, making it an ideal choice for applications where exposure to moisture or corrosive substances is a concern. This characteristic enhances the lifespan of the housing and contributes to the overall reliability of the CTs.
    • Lightweight Design: Polycarbonate is a lightweight material, contributing to the ease of handling and installation of the CTs. This is especially advantageous in scenarios where weight considerations are important, such as when mounting the transformers in elevated or constrained spaces.
    • Electrical Insulation Properties: Polycarbonate exhibits good electrical insulation properties, which is crucial in maintaining the integrity of the current measurements and ensuring safety in electrical systems. The housing material's insulation capabilities help prevent unwanted interference or electrical contact with the internal components.
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