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    4 Way GPS Power Divider, 0.6~2.2 GHz

    Shop 4 way GPS coaxial power divider with microwave frequency range of 0.6GHz~2.2GHz. This power splitter & combiner is an essential component in RF systems, designed to split an input signal into multiple output signals while maintaining impedance matching.
    SKU: ATO-PD-4W0622GHZ
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    The power divider and combiner employs coaxial transmission line technologies, ensuring precise signal division without loss or interference. Used in GPS and other RF systems, this power splitter efficiently divides signals through a coaxial structure, offering surface-mount options for convenient integration onto circuit boards.


    • Model: ATO-PS4-A10-GPS-P-R2-NFI
    • Frequency Range: 1.1~1.7 GHz Typ. (0.6~2.2 GHz Max.)
    • Gain: 10±2dB (Default)
    • Impedance: 50Ω
    • Input Standing Wave: ≤1.6:1 (1.1~1.7GHz), ≤1.9:1 (0.6~2.2GHz)
    • Output Standing Wave: ≤1.25:1 (0.6~2.2GHz)
    • Noise Coefficient: ≤2.4Db
    • Output 1dB Compression Point: ≥-15dBm
    • Output Third-Order Cutoff Point: ≥-4dBm
    • Amplitude Balance: ≤±0.5Db
    • Phase Balance: ≤5°
    • Isolation: ≥45dB@ (1.1~1.7GHz), ≥38dB@ (0.6~2.2GHz)
    • Operating Current: 73mA Typ. @3.3V, 54mA Typ. @5.0V, 35mA Typ. @9.0V, 29mA Typ. @12V, 26mA Typ. @15V, 25mA Typ. @18V, 22mA Typ. @24V, 22mA Typ . @28V
    • DC Feedthrough Current: 300mA Max. (all ports)
    • DC Feedthrough Voltage: 3.3V~28V (Input: Out1~4 or External DC Port, Output: ANT)
    • Feed Voltage Lower Limit: 2.8V Typ.
    • Feed Voltage Upper Limit: 28.5V Typ.
    • Maximum Input Level: -8dBm
    • Port Connection Method: N-Female
    • Surface Treatment: Sandblasting Guide
    • Waterproof Grade: IP54


    2.2 GHz-4 way GPS power divider dimension

    Radio Frequency (RF) Parameter Diagram

    2.2 GHz 4 way GPS power divider RF parameter diagram

    Tips: Difference between an unequal power divider and an equal power divider

    An unequal power divider and an equal power divider are devices used in RF (radio frequency) and microwave systems to split input power into multiple output ports. The key distinction lies in the distribution of power among these output ports.

    An equal power divider, as the name suggests, divides the input power evenly among all output ports, ensuring an equal distribution. This is crucial in applications where maintaining equal power levels is essential for proper system functioning, such as phased-array antennas.

    On the other hand, an unequal power divider intentionally imparts different power levels to its output ports. This design is useful when specific power ratios are needed for different components in a system, accommodating variations in device requirements. Applications include feeding power to amplifiers with different gain characteristics or distributing power in a manner that matches the system's overall design specifications.

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