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    40 kg·cm (4 Nm) RC Servo Motor, 6V/ 7.4V

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    Economical price 40kg·cm (4 Nm) torque RC servo motor for sale online, optional 6V or 7.4V operating voltage, input voltage 4V – 8.4V. Radio control servo is designed with PVC connector and 360 degree angle sensor, which has high torque and long life span.
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    Digital RC servo motor adopts 12-bit high precision non-contact magnetic encoder position sensing, which can realize 360 degree absolute position control.


    Model ATO-FT8346M
    Electrical Specification Operating Voltage 6V 7.4V
    No Load Speed 0.274sec/60° 0.22sec/60°
    Running Current (No Load) 270mA 300mA
    Stall Torque (at Locked) 32.5 kg·cm (2.8 Nm) 40 kg·cm (3.5 Nm)
    Stall Current (at Locked) 2.5A 3.1A
    Idle Current (at Stopped) 6mA 6mA
    Input Voltage 4V-8.4V
    Rated Torque 10.5kg·cm 13.8kg·cm
    Rated Current 1100mA 1450mA
    Mechanical Specification Size 54.5*20*43mm
    Limit Angle No Limit
    Case Material Aluminum
    Gear Material Steel Gear
    Bearing Type Ball Bearing
    Angle Sensor Type 12 Bit Magnetic Encoded
    Angle 360°
    Life No Limit
    Connector & Cable Type JR
    Material PVC
    Length 30cm
    Pin Definition 1: Signal; 2: Vcc; 3. GND
    Weight 91.5g
    Horn Type 25T/ 5.9mm
    Gear Ratio 1/378
    Back Lash ≤0.5°
    Rocker Phantom
    Rocker Screw M3*6
    Motor Coreless Motor
    Storage Temperature Range -30℃ ~ 80℃
    Operating Temperature Range -20℃ ~ 60℃
    Temperature Range 25℃ ± 5 ℃
    Humidity Range 65% ± 10%
    Certificate EMC, ROHS
    Control Specification Command Signal Pulse Width Modification (PWM)
    Control System Type Digital Comparator
    Operating Travel 360° (at 500 to 2500 μsec)
    Left & Right Travelling Angle deviation ≤1°
    Centering Deviation ≤1°
    Neutral Position 1500 μsec
    Dead Band Width ≤4 μsec
    Rotating Direction Counterclockwise (at 1500 to 2000 μsec)
    Pulse Width Range 500 to 2500 μsec
    Electronic Protection Stall 3 sec
    Temperature Protection >70℃
    Reliability Testing Life Test >100000 Times
    Motor Noises 45 ± 5dB
    Servo Noises 60 ± 5dB
    Waterproof Performance No

    Dimensions (Units: mm)

    Dimensions of 40 Micro RC Servo Motor


    40KG RC Servo Motors Details

    Tips: Types of micro RC servo motor

    According different working signal, the micro RC servo motors are divided into Digital servo motor and analog servo motor. Digital servo is a digital transmission, which has strong anti-interference ability and can facilitate two-way communication. It is flexible, reliable and compact. The analog servo is the existing PWM analog transmission, that is, the change of pulse width directly represents the control vector and is easily disturbed.

    In addition, ordinary volt radio control servo motor has operating voltage of 4.8-6V, high volt RC servo motor has operating voltage of 6-12V. The advantages of HV micro servo motor are less heat generation, more sensitive response, and greater torque.

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    This is a perfect RC servo motor and it works well. Very happy with this product for price and quality. And I am going to order more very soon.
    From: Malcolm | Date: 24/03/2022
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