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    85 kg·cm (8 Nm) RC Servo Motor, 12V

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    Brushless high torque RC servo motor, 85kg·cm stall torque, 12V operating voltage, is used for steering, vehicle, robot joints and arms, etc., and can control continuous rotation in forward and reverse directions at constant speed. It is a core motor with steel gear, small size and high precision.
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    Micro radio control servo adopts high precision brushless motor with custom variable speed control function, which can reduce the instantaneous bite strength of gear, and improve the life span.


    • Magnetic encoder sensor: use 12-bit high-precision sensor to measure position.
    • High resolution: non-contact absolute value 12-bit encoder (360 degrees 0.088 degrees).
    • Serial bus type: Support serial bus daisy chain, 254 ID addresses are optional.
    • Position servo control mode: can rotate 0 ~ 360°and multi-turn any absolute angle.
    • Speed control mode: It can control continuous rotation in forward and reverse directions at constant speed, wide speed range.
    • One key to set the middle position: The current position can be freely defined as the initial position or the middle point.


    • Logistics: transport equipment, shuttles, etc.
    • Medical equipment: cell sorter, mechanical surgical hand, etc.
    • Smart home: turning the camera, automatic opening and closing curtains, etc.
    • Robotics: robot joints, robotic arms, etc.
    • Military field: detection vehicle, gun target steering, etc.
    • Intelligent manufacturing field: can replace partial servo motor, with in a place where space is compact.


    Model ATO-SM8512BL
    Electrical Specification Operating Voltage 12V
    No Load Speed 0.27sec/60°
    Idle Current (at Stopped) 40mA
    Running Current (No Load) 200mA
    Stall Torque 85 kg·cm (8 Nm)
    Stall Current (at Locked) 3200mA
    Mechanical Specification Size 62*34*47mm
    Limit Angle No Limit
    Case Material Aluminum
    Gear Material Steel Gear
    Bearing Type 2 Ball Bearings
    Weight 140g
    Horn Type 15T (7.6mm)
    Connector Wire 150mm ± 5mm
    Motor Core Motor
    Storage Temperature Range -30℃ ~ 80℃
    Operating Temperature Range -20℃ ~ 70℃
    Temperature Range 25℃ ± 5 ℃
    Humidity Range 65% ± 10%
    Certificate EMC, ROHS
    Control Specification Command Signal Bus Packet Communication RS485
    Amplifier Type Half Duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication
    Pulse Width Range 0-253
    Neutral Position 38400bps ~ 1 Mbps
    Running Degree 360° (when 0 ~ 4096)
    Feedback Load, Speed, Input Voltage
    Position Sensor (Resolution) 12 Bits Magnetic Coding (360° / 4096)

    Dimensions (Units: mm)

    Dimensions of Micro RC Servo Motor


    85KG RC Servo Motors Details


    The RC servo motor is widely used in automatic control occasions. Its output torque, rotation speed, command update frequency, etc. standardize the working performance of the radio control servo motor. Normally, the operation of the RC servo motor depends on the unique pulse command high-level time width of it, and has nothing to do with the frequency of the pulse command. Therefore, the function of the pulse waveform that controls the RC servo motor and the PWM waveform that controls the operation of the motor are different. There is a drive circuit board inside the RC servo motor to ensure a proportional relationship between the output angle and the width of the pulse command. The output angular speed of RC servo motor depends on various factors such as the internal mechanical structure of it, the performance of the motor, and the working voltage. Since the speed of the RC servo motor has nothing to do with the command, in essence, it is not a linear model. When it rotates at a larger angle, its dynamic nonlinearity is more obvious.

    Existing reviews of 85 kg·cm (8 Nm) RC Servo Motor, 12V
    What modifications need to be made for continuous rotation of 12V RC servo motor?
    What modifications to be made to have 12V RC servo motor for continuous rotation?
    From: Hagcard | Date: 28/10/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Just the 12V RC servo drive needs to be connected with the PLC or other analog control signals.
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