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    60 kg·cm (6 Nm) RC Servo Motor, 6V/ 7.4V

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    Cheap micro RC servo motor with 60 kg·cm (6 Nm) high torque, 6V and 7.4V operating voltage available. This radio control servo motor is a core motor designed with 2 ball bearings and metal gear, best for RC planes, submarines and remote-controlled robots.
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    Micro radio control servo motor with compact size, is widely used for monitoring equipment, stage lighting and other steering equipment.


    • Micro RC servo motor’s all-aluminum alloy shell has good thermal conductivity, and it is easier to mold with CNC processing and has a higher degree of precision. Through the anodized shell, the corrosion resistance of aluminum is further improved.
    • The thickened all-steel teeth have higher strength and longer life. With the all-aluminum shell, the comprehensive mechanical properties are effectively improved.
    • The hollow cup is used as the power source, which has no iron core, low rotor inductance, good responsiveness, high efficiency, small size and easy to obtain large torque.


    Model ATO-SCS-6560
    Electrical Specification Operating Voltage 6V 7.4V
    Idle Current (at Stopped) 5mA 6mA
    No Load Speed 0.15sec/60° 0.13sec/60°
    Running Current (No Load) 190mA 250mA
    Stall Torque 48 kg·cm (4.7 Nm) 62 kg·cm (6 Nm)
    Stall Current 2400mA 2900A
    Mechanical Specification Size 65.8*30*59.75mm
    Limit Angle No Limit
    Case Material Engineering Plastic & Aluminum
    Gear Material Metal Gear
    Bearing Type 2 Ball Bearings
    Connector Wire 150mm ± 5mm
    Weight 200g
    Horn Type 15T, Plastic, POM
    Motor Core Motor
    Storage Temperature Range -30℃ ~ 80℃
    Operating Temperature Range -15℃ ~ 70℃
    Temperature Range 25℃ ± 5 ℃
    Humidity Range 65% ± 10%
    Certificate EMC, ROHS
    Control Specification Command Signal Bus Packet Communication TTL Level
    Amplifier Type Half Duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication
    Pulse Width Range 0-253
    Neutral Position 338400bps ~ 1 Mbps
    Running Degree 300° (when 0 ~ 1023)
    Dead Band Width Load, Speed, Input Voltage
    Rotating Direction Potentiometer (300° / 1024)

    Dimensions (Units: mm)

    Dimensions of Micro RC Servo Motor


    60KG RC Servo Motors Details

    Tips: Difference between digital RC servo motor and analog RC servo motor

    • Different method of processing the input signal. Digital micro RC servo motor is mainly composed of a motor, a reduction gear, a control circuit, etc., and it can be maintained at a certain position by sending a PWM signal only once. The analog RC servo motor is the same as the traditional RC servo motor. It needs to send PWM signals multiple times to be able to keep it at the specified position, realize the control of the steering gear, and rotate according to the specified speed.
    • Different control circuit. The control circuit of the digital RC servo motor has more microprocessors and crystal oscillators than the analog RC servo motor, therefore, the processing methods of the control circuit are different between the two, and the performance of the digital RC servo motor is also different from that of the analog RC servo motor.
    • Different reaction speed. The analog RC servo motor needs a short power pulse followed by a long pause, so it cannot give the motor too much excitation to make it rotate. Digital RC servo motor is a steering gear that appeared in the new era, so digital has an advantage over analog RC servo motor in terms of response speed. Because the digital RC servo motor has a microprocessor, all can process the input signal according to the set parameters before the power pulse is generated to the motor.
    Existing reviews of 60 kg·cm (6 Nm) RC Servo Motor, 6V/ 7.4V
    Worth the money!
    Purchased this 60 kg•cm RC servo motor to replace the cheap plastic geared servo. Just received and installed. Excellent servo for the price. Huge angle of movement and torque. I am very pleased with the product so far.
    From: Notta | Date: 28/03/2022
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