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    3/8 Inch Electric Pneumatic Pressure Regulator, 50~5000 mbar

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    Low cost electric pneumatic pressure regulator for sale, pressure range 50~5000 mbar (72.5 psi), max flow 1500L/min, rated voltage DC 24V, input signal current 4~20mA or voltage DC 0~10V for selection, analog output DC 1~5V or switch output, applicable hose port 3/8 inch. Proportional air regulator for air pressure control in pneumatic system, electronic digital LED, convenient use.
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    Buy proportional pneumatic pressure regulator at good price. Pressure range of 50~5000 mbar (72.5 psi), power supply DC 24V, input signal current/voltage, output analog/switch, connection port 3/8”. The electronic air regulator is a digital air pressure valve, which can be used in pneumatic system, no need to use multiple pressure reducer valves or hydraulic valves.


    Model ATO-NITV203
    Minimum supply pressure Set pressure + 1000 mbar (+0.1 MPa)
    Maximum supply pressure 10000 mbar (1 MPa)
    Set pressure range 50~5000 mbar (0.005 to 0.5 MPa )
    Max. Flow 1500L/min
    Power supply Voltage DC 24V ± 10%, DC 12~15V
    Current consumption Power supply voltage DC 24V type: 0.12 A or less
    Power supply voltage DC 12~15V type: 0.18 A or less
    Input signal Current type *Note 1 DC 4~20mA, DC 0~20mA (Sink type)
    Voltage type DC 0~5V, DC 0~10V
    Preset input 4 points (Negative common), 16 points (No common polarity)
    Input impedance Current type 250 Ω or less *Note 4
    Voltage type Approx. 6.5 kΩ
    Digital input Power supply voltage DC 24V type: Approx. 4.7 kΩ.
    Power supply voltage DC 12V type: Approx. 2.0 kΩ
    Output signal (monitor output) *Note 2 Analog output DC 1~5V (Output impedance: Approx. 1 kΩ)
    DC 4~20mA (Sink type) (Output impedance: 250 Ω or less) Output accuracy ± 6% F.S. or less
    Switch output NPN open collector output: Max. 30V, 80mA PNP open collector output: Max. 80mA
    Linearity ± 1% F.S. or less
    Hysteresis 0.5% F.S. or less
    Repeatability ± 0.5% F.S. or less
    Sensitivity 0.2% F.S. or less
    Temperature characteristics ± 0.12% F.S./ ℃ or less
    Output pressure display *Note 3 Accuracy ± 2% F.S. ± 1 digit or less
    Minimum unit Mpa: 0.001, kgf/cm2: 0.01, bar: 0.01, psi: 0.1, kPa: 1
    Ambient and fluid temperature 0 to 50℃ (No condensation)
    Enclosure ip65
    Port size 3/8 inch, 1/4 inch
    Weight Approx. 350 g (without options)


    1. 2-wire type 4 to 20 mA DC is not available. Power supply voltage (DC 24V or DC 12~15V) is required.
    2. Select either analog output or switch output. Further, when switch output is selected, select either NPN output or PNP output. When measuring NITV analog output from 1 to 5 VDC, if the load impedance is less than 100 kΩ, the analog output monitor accuracy of within ±6% (full span) may not be available. The product with the accuracy of within ±6% is supplied upon your request. Output pressure remains unaffected.
    3. Adjustment of numerical values such as the zero/span adjustment or preset input type is set based on the minimum units for output pressure display (e.g. 10~5000 mbar). Note that the unit cannot be changed.
    4. Value for the state with no over current circuit included. If an allowance is provided for an over current circuit, the input impedance varies depending on the input current. This is 350Ω or less for an input current of 20mA DC.


    1. Proportional electro pneumatic pressure regulator adopts electrical proportional method to achieve stepless control of outlet pressure. It can realize remote control and program control.
    2. Compared with hydraulic proportional valves, proportional pressure regulators are small in size, light in weight, compact in structure, light in weight and low in cost.
    3. The control of digital air pressure regulator is continuous control, and its characteristic is that the output quantity changes with the change of input quantity (current value or voltage value), and there is a certain proportional relationship between the output and input.
    4. Proportional pneumatic pressure regulator has many types, which can be used with various electrical equipment and computers to control various electro-hydraulic systems. High control precision, flexible installation and strong anti-pollution ability.

    50~5000 mbar Air Pressure Regulator Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    • Electric Pneumatic Pressure Regulator with Flat Bracket*

    Dimensions of 50~5000 mbar 3/8 inch Proportional Pressure Regulator with flat bracket

    • Electric Pneumatic Pressure Regulator with L-Shape Bracket*

    Dimensions of 50~5000 mbar 3/8 inch Proportional Pressure Regulator with L-shape bracket

    *Note: The bracket is the option.

    Tips: Proportional air pressure regulator applications.

    Proportional pressure regulator has various types and is suitable for various electrical and computer-controlled electro-hydraulic systems. Proportional pressure regulator has high control accuracy, flexible installation and use, strong anti-pollution ability, and increasingly widened application areas. During R&D and production of proportional pressure regulator, it fully takes into account the use characteristics of construction machinery, and has functions such as pilot control, load sensing and pressure compensation. The emergence of proportional pressure regulator is of great significance to the improvement of the overall technical level of mobile hydraulic machinery. Especially for electronic pilot operation, wireless remote control and wired remote control operation, etc., proportional pressure regulator shows its good application prospects.

    Existing reviews of 3/8 Inch Electric Pneumatic Pressure Regulator, 50~5000 mbar
    Will this proportional pressure regulator work with 140 psi air pressure?
    I want to order such proprotional pressure regulator and I want to know something about it. Will  this proportional pressure regulator work with 140 psi air pressure? How hot should the coil get?
    From: Max | Date: 26/04/2022
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    ATO Responded
    Its maximum supply pressure is 10000 mbar (about 145 psi). The longer it's active the hotter it will get. But it shouldn't get too hot.
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