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    500A DC Reversing Contactor, 2 pole, 12V/24V/48V

    2 pole DC reversing contactor with 500 amps rated load current, 2NO and 2NC contact form, coil rated voltage with 12V/24V/48V DC available. This economical price DC reversing contactor prevents the motor from running forward and backward simultaneously.
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    500A 2 pole DC reversing contactor is used to change the direction of rotation in alternating current motors, start them gently and monitor their load, widely used in auto electric winches, telecommunication equipment, engineering machinery and other electric control systems.


    Model ADC500-I
    Coil Rated Voltage (Optional) 12V/24V/48V
    Rated Current 12A
    Contact Form (Optional) 2NO, 2NC
    Pole 2 Pole
    Contact Resistance ≤30mΩ
    Contact Voltage Drop ≤80mV (at 80A)
    Insulation Resistance ≥50mΩ
    Overload Current ≤4le, >1s
    Pull-in Voltage ≤70%Us
    Release Voltage 5%-40%Us
    Load Terminal Type M6 External Thread
    Working Style Short Term
    Load Endurance (Resistive) α ≥20000次
    Load Wiring Torque 8-10N.m
    Coil Wiring Torque 0.5-0.8N.m
    Vibration 3.5g, 10~200Hz, 1/2 Sine Wave (Energized)
    Temperature -40℃~85℃
    Humidity 5%~95%RH
    Contact Bounce Time ≤5ms
    Pick-up Time ≤30ms
    Release Time ≤30ms
    Medium Pressure Resistance Between Main Contact 50Hz/60Hz, 1500VAC/1min
    Between Main Contact and Coil 50Hz/60Hz, 1500VAC/1min
    Insulation Resistance Initial State 100mΩ, 1min
    After Electrical Life 50mΩ, 1min
    Impact Stability 20g (power on)
    Strength 50g
    Mechanical Durability ≥1000000次
    Dimension 86mm*5Imm*78mm

    Coil Parameter

    Coil Voltage Pull-in Voltage Release Voltage Coil Resistance Coil Power Consumption
    12V ≤70%Us 5%-40%Us 6Ω±10% 24W±10%
    24V ≤70%Us 5%-40%Us 24Ω±10% 24W±10%
    36V ≤70%Us 5%-40%Us 54Ω±10% 24W±10%
    48V ≤70%Us 5%-40%Us 96Ω±10% 24W±10%
    60V ≤70%Us 5%-40%Us 150Ω±10% 24W±10%
    72V ≤70%Us 5%-40%Us 216Ω±10% 24W±10%

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    500A DC reversing contactor dimension

    Wiring Diagram

    500A DC reversing contactor wiring diagram


    DC reversing contactor applications

    Tips: DC reverse contactor applications

    DC reverse contactors are widely used in many fields, mainly where the direction of DC motors needs to be controlled. Common application areas include:

    • Electric vehicles and rail transit: In electric vehicles and electric vehicles, reverse contactors are used to control the forward and reverse rotation of the motor to achieve the forward and reverse functions of the vehicle. Trains in rail transit also use reverse contactors to control their running direction.
    • Industrial automation: In industrial production lines, DC reverse contactors are used to drive and control various DC motors to achieve forward and reverse motion of mechanical equipment, such as conveyor belts, elevators, etc.
    • Renewable energy systems: In solar and wind power generation systems, reverse contactors are used to control the direction of current flow to optimize power transmission and storage efficiency.
    • Battery management system: In large-scale energy storage systems and battery management, reverse contactors are used to switch the direction of current, manage the charge and discharge process, and improve system reliability.
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