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    60/90/120W 140mm Long Shaft Induction Motor, 2700 rpm

    Good price AC induction motor for sale, with 140mm long shaft. Rated power 60W/90W/120W for selection, speed 2 or 4 poles, maximum 2700 rpm, max torque 2 N.m, power supply single phase/3-phase 100-380V. Long shaft induction electric motor has small size and high temperature resistance (max 200℃).
    SKU: ATO-LSIM-6912140
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    Buy 140mm long shaft AC induction motor at low price. Output power 60W/90W/120W, rated voltage single phase/3-phase 100~380V, speed 2 poles/4 poles, maximum 2700 rpm. AC induction electric motor special for high temperature application, such as high temperature oven, low temperature quick freezing, constant temperature box, glass machinery, tunnel furnace and other equipment.


    Model ATO-B5F-ABB
    Rated Voltage Single Phase 100-120V, 50/60Hz
    Single Phase 220-230V, 50/60Hz
    3-Phase 220V, 50/60Hz
    3-Phase 380V, 50/60Hz
    Working Temperature ≤ 200℃
    Output Power Speed (rpm) Current (A) Power Factor (cos Φ) Efficiency (%) Rated Torque (N.m) Start Current (A) Locked-Rotor Torque (N.m) Max Torque (N.m)
    2 Poles
    60W - - - - - - - -
    90W 2700 0.39 0.7 50 0.32 4 1.8 2
    120W 2700 0.47 0.7 55 0.42 4 1.8 2
    4 Poles
    60W 1330 0.28 0.65 50 0.43 4 1.4 2
    90W 1330 0.37 0.73 50 0.65 4 1.8 2
    120W 1340 0.44 0.72 57 0.86 4.4 1.8 2


    1. Long shaft induction motor adopts IEC international standard size, which is internationally interchangeable and universal.
    2. The rotating part of long shaft AC induction motor has small inertia, large acceleration torque and short start-stop time. Frequent starting and stopping the machine can improve work efficiency.
    3. Long shaft induction motor has low vibration and low noise. The mechanical structure is perfectly designed, and the processing and assembly techniques are excellent. 100% dynamic balance correction, uses high-quality bearings to reduce noise and vibration.
    4. Long shaft induction motor is easy to maintain. High-grade oil-sealed bearings do not need to add or replace lubricating grease.
    5. Long shaft induction motor is small in size and light in weight. The shell is made of ABB and CPG materials, and the shell is stretched, which saves space, is convenient to install, design and construction.
    6. Long shaft AC induction motor uses class F insulation material. The stator coil and insulation materials adopt F grade which is heat-resistant, temperature-resistant and chemical-resistant. Safe and durable, long lifespan. The maximum working temperature can reach 200℃. Vacuum dipping paint treatment prevents the stator coil from regaining moisture.
    7. Protection grade is IP55, dustproof and waterproof, in line with international standards.

    60/90/120W 140mm Long Shaft Induction Motor Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of 60/90/120W 140mm Long Shaft Induction Motor, 2700 rpm

    Motor Base Center Height Insulation Class Flange Mounting Dimension LA LD LE L Φ AC HF Shaft Dimension Bearing
    Φ M Φ N Φ P Φ S T Φ Da Φ Db Ea Eb E G L.S. O.S.
    56 F 100 80 120 7 3 11 23 52 172 108 140 9 10 70 70 140 8 6000 6000
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